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Published on March 9th, 2012 | by Brandon


Tribes: Ascend Gets Official Release Date and New “Llama Island” Trailer

After moving into open beta just a few short weeks ago, Hi-Rez Studios announced today at GDC that Tribes: Ascend will be officially released just over a month from now, on April 12.

Along with the announcement comes a new parody trailer called “Llama Island” that illustrates a hilarious and often infuriating scenario that plays out in public Tribes servers daily. As Hi-Rez Studios COO Todd Harris describes it, “the community uses the term llama to refer to a player moving too slowly, like a plodding llama. So this video demonstrates the perils of trying to capture a flag while going too slow. The outcome is predictable but no less tragic.”

Check out the trailer below and laugh/cry along with me. Just remember, kids: Friends don’t let friends llama.

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Brandon started his PC gaming days playing Doom II (IDDQD/IDKFA for life) and has been hooked on online gaming since the original Starsiege: Tribes. The way to his heart is through proper grammar, corn dogs, and cookie cake.

6 Responses to Tribes: Ascend Gets Official Release Date and New “Llama Island” Trailer

  1. Bob bpost says:

    Trailer of 2012. Holy shit.

  2. TFriden says:

    what is this, i dont even. OH wait dead island?

  3. colebluefearn says:

    trolololol Dead Island.

  4. TehFishOfDoom says:

    [VGY] for noclip.

  5. NikonPunch NikonPunch says:

    The look on Brandon’s face at :55 is priceless.

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