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Published on January 26th, 2012 | by Jonathan Beck


Blizzard Cancels Blizzcon 2012

And World of Warcraft fans everywhere wept, as there was no longer a place to geek out over their Tauren Shaman. It’s true, Blizzard has announced its decision not to hold its seventh annual Blizzcon convention this year. Instead, Blizzard will be hosting a major e-sports event, the 2012 World Championship. What does this mean for the average Starcraft and WoW fan? Well, unless you happen to be one of the top ranked players in the world invited to the event, it means you’ll be sitting at home instead of flocking to Anaheim this year.

It seems strange that Blizzard would cancel such a high profile event. Blizzard is arguably one of the last great PC developers (along with Valve). Their convention brings together the PC elite every year and, while a grand tournament could be entertaining, it’s not something widely accessible. Not only is the tournament only for the world’s best players, but it’s also being held in Asia, effectively eliminating US participation. However, the destination is understandable, as Starcraft is practically a national pastime in South Korea–you can watch high-profile matches on television there like we in the States would watch the World Series or the Stanley Cup.

While it’s exciting to see Blizzard holding its own e-sports tournament, this will no doubt come as disappointing news to many diehard fans. On the plus side, however, canceling Blizzcon this year means Blizzard is obviously serious about its intent to get its upcoming games into players’ hands as soon as possible. Thankfully, Blizzard has assured fans that Blizzcon will be returning in 2013, hopefully along with the announcement of the long-awaited Project Titan.

Given that Blizzard offered a streaming option for last year’s Blizzcon, it seems highly likely that the World Championship will be streamed online as well (though there’s no official word yet). Hopefully the cost of a web stream will be smaller than last year’s $39.99 virtual ticket to Blizzcon. We’ll keep you updated once Blizzard announces more information about the event.


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7 Responses to Blizzard Cancels Blizzcon 2012

  1. Royale With Cheese says:

    I’ll never have the chance to go to a blizzcon. I’ve accepted that. I also get pretty bored of streams of conventions I’ll never be at. BUT I’ll watch the shit out of a big ass blizz-funded tournament

  2. Dex says:

    Or maybe it was because last year at Blizzcon the dickbag from CoC got on stage and said Alliance was full of a bunch of faggots and should be raped in the ass to death and they not only had Alliance players angry, but a huge group of the LGBT community pissed. The backlash was ridiculous. The incident was hilarious. I think they are trying to let that pot simmer down for a year and try again next year when they have three FULL titles to talk about and new shit to tell us about.

    Honestly, who the fuck cares? Are you gonna pay a bunch of money to fly to Cali, pay too much for everything and hang out with a bunch of way-too-serious Blizzard fanbois? I’d rather shove my junk in a blender…. and I love Blizzard.

  3. boston_rob says:

    Honestly, I think the decision to hold an event in Asia is a testament to blizzard being one of the top developers. It seems to me that too many gaming companies focus on the NA market and neglect the asian market which is statistically much bigger. Blizzard is showing love to its Asian market and it is successful in those countries because its games are “race neutral”. Even Swedish companies like dice make games with American protagonists and so focus most of their attention on a single section of the market. Blizzard is a global company and recognises the need to cater for their global market. So I say GJ to them for doing this.

  4. Dan nipnops says:

    I think this means titan is closer than we think.

  5. Dj shaman says:

    To be honest iam not huge in to the games that Blizzard has created , just turning to pc this is beyond huge but if you look at it logically that means there putting more time to there games to be out when there done and not when they good. When there blizzard quality


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