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Published on February 22nd, 2012 | by Jonathan Beck


Borderlands 2 Trailer Reveals Launch Date

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Get your “unce unce WUB WUB WUB” ready, because Gearbox is finally revealing a solid launch date for Borderlands 2, with a trailer chock full of dubstep. The new trailer promises “96.5% more WUB WUB” and “870 Gajillion More Guns,” while also showing off the new protagonists.

The berserker, Salvador, was revealed in the original announcement trailer and is now joined by Maya, the sequel’s new Siren; Zero, a stealthy, skinny ninja; and finally Axton, the turret-toting killing machine. We’re also treated to a peek at a new refined UI, new vehicles (including what appears to be some sort of hover-jet), a split screen co-op mode, and a campaign that looks to focus on dismantling mechs, mutants, and enormous skags. The trailer also reveals Handsome Jack, the game’s villain, and his orbital bombardment system that’s tearing into Pandora.

If you were a fan of the original, this release trailer should have you salivating right now. Everything that was great about the original Borderlands looks to have been cranked to 11, given a fresh coat of paint, and then strapped to a rocket launcher. The game drops on September 18 here in the US and September 21 for our readers overseas, so get ready for some more four player co-op mayhem this fall!

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11 Responses to Borderlands 2 Trailer Reveals Launch Date

  1. Pulham_BigP says:

    The first one was amazing this one seems like it may just beat the first one in game play but defiantly looking forward to this title and the song(Nero – Doomsday) is a brilliant choice. Bring on September 18th.

  2. DuderMcBrohan says:

    It’s Siren not Psion.

  3. Bedward says:

    Hopefully the Siren won’t be super imbalanced this time around

  4. matik23 says:

    Nice I like they got rid of the boring sniper class and put in a melee class. But if there is any fucking dubstep in this game, I swear to God i will cut myself with the game cd.

  5. blairtron says:

    So pumped for BL2.

  6. Crimson says:

    Awesome! Couldn’t get any better. :D

  7. Dex says:

    It looks just like the first game with slightly different classes. Hopefully a lot of the issues with the co-op play are fixed PRIOR to game release, instead of WAY after. Maybe this time they’ll use SteamWorks.

  8. Lofse says:

    Song is Doomsday by Nero.

  9. BWALL says:

    This trailer gives me full blood flow!


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