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Published on February 28th, 2012 | by Jonathan Beck


Mojang Hires Bukkit Devs


Can you hear that? It’s the sound of Minecraft Server Admins everywhere shouting for joy. Minecraft’s most popular 3rd party server software just became an official part of Mojang. Bukkit has long been the server software of choice for Minecraft, offering many plugins and mods that add huge amounts of functionality to the game. The Bukkit development team has had source access, and a direct line to the Mojang developers for a while now, but still were often delayed in releasing a compatible client once a new version of Minecraft rolled out.

Over at the Bukkit Forums you can find the official announcement, as well as a history of the project. The team will now be tasked with creating the new Minecraft API that modders will use to make changes to the games server software. It remains to be seen if client side modding will be supported, something Notch has openly said he is against since early in the development cycle.

Official modding support has been high on both players and server admins list of requested features for Minecraft since early in the games life cycle. It’s exciting to see Mojang finally hire a dedicated team to add this support. This will hopefully allow servers admins to keep their worlds up to date, and players from being locked out in the event of a client update. More news will likely follow soon, and we’ll keep you posted as more develops. Have you had your fill of Minecraft or does this new promise of an official modding API get you excited for new updates? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: Mojang has posted the official announcement on their website, stating that

“The plan is to build a fresh server API, and then extend it to support client-side modding (in one way or another).”

So it looks like we can expect client side modding at some point. Good news for modders who want to rebuild the game from square one!

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  • TFriden

    This is awesome

  • bradzab1123

    It’s my birthday today bros!

  • Splozy

    I’m sorry but why is Notch against client side modding?

    • He was originally against anything that modified and redistributed the original source in any way. It appears from the new Mojang announcement that the Mod API being developed will in fact support client side modding at some point in the future.

      • Majordeathzone

        Hey Hex Mojang yes was against modding originally but since beta he has been completely for it

        • Thanks, I’ve since updated the article to include the information for client-side modding. In searching for an official stance from Notch online the only information available I could find was his not wanting to modify the client. I’m glad to see Mojang is now more open to a direct mod experience for users, and am eagerly awaiting its integration.

  • WikiSonic

    This is bad news for griefers.

  • berealistic

    yes finally i just hated the regular minecraft server. i always run bukkit even though i only run a vanilla server. them getting hired by notch is just awesome.

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