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Published on June 15th, 2012 | by Jonathan Beck


Intel Phasing Out Sandy Bridge This Fall

If you want the insane scalability of the Sandy Bridge processor line, you’d better act fast. DigiTimes is reporting that starting this September, Intel will start to phase out the second generation of Core series processors in favor of the newly released Ivy Bridge line.

It isn’t a surprise to see this processor line phased out now that the latest architecture is on the market, but many PC enthusiasts have continued to purchase Sandy Bridge due to its high overclockability. In fact, in this month’s PC build guide, we recommended the Sandy Bridge 2600K over the current top of the crop, the Ivy Bridge 3770K, because the previous-gen processor still remains an excellent value to this day.

If you don’t manage to snag a trusty Sandy Bridge part before the deadline, don’t fret; an Ivy Bridge processor is still an amazing piece of silicon and one I heartily recommend after my own upgrade earlier this year. Though you might not be able to push the kind of insane overclocks Sandy Bridge has become known for, its comparable Ivy Bridge counterparts will still chew through any game you can throw at them, overclocked or not.

If you’re not in dire need of an upgrade or you’re unimpressed with Intel’s current offerings, you can always wait until Haswell is released next year. You can also keep an eye out for deals as we inch closer to September and retailers are looking to push remaining Sandy Bridge parts out the door. Regardless of what you choose, you’re going to get a great CPU in the end.

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8 Responses to Intel Phasing Out Sandy Bridge This Fall

  1. lukepetro99 says:

    2500k is nice

  2. Wheelzz says:

    I will be upgrading near the end of July to a 3770K if I get a job for summer (or a 2600K if I see a good deal) but if I don’t get a job I will for sure pick up a 2500K!

  3. Y2Ken says:

    Just recently bought a 2500k and it’s treating me incredibly well.

  4. Dieze says:

    And I bought a Phenom 2 x4 last year… welp

  5. Jake says:

    Meh I’m ok with my 2500 I won’t upgrade until haswel and I probably won’t even need to by then.

  6. Bob Bob says:

    I just went on a mini tirade on twitter – might as well immortalize it here.

    Sandy Bridge is likely the last of the meaningful CPU performance increases for the foreseeable future (2 years or so) – you’ll get slight increases with IVB and even Haswell, but Intel and AMD are both clearly focusing on GPU performance and power consumption first and foremost.

    Even buying in to the LGA1155 platform with a 2600K will likely be a contender with their top models for the next two years or so.

  7. RossGeddes says:

    Just in time, I’m looking to get a 2600k during the summer.

  8. Ofenlicht says:

    I’m quite happy with my 2600k.


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