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Published on September 24th, 2012 | by Jonathan Beck


Skywind Mod Brings Morrowind to Skyrim Engine

I came to the Elder Scrolls party late. I never played Morrowind and I didn’t care for Oblivion, but I do love Skyrim. During my recovery after a knee replacement last year, I spent an ungodly amount of time crawling through dungeons and marveling at the many vistas in Skyrim’s expansive world. It’s a great game, so much so that I own more than one copy–my brothers bought me a PS3 copy (I know, consolol), and I bought it for myself on Steam.

I often have a hard time going back to a franchise’s older titles once I’ve experienced all the features and visual appeal of the newest and shiniest iteration, but thankfully, modders sometimes fill the void on what I’ve missed. A modder named Eloth over at the Morroblivion Forums is bringing Morrowind back to glory on the Skyrim engine. The work is in its early stages, but it already looks excellent. The team wants help to get things done quickly, so if you’re an aspiring modder, hop on over and show off your skills! Now all I need is Oblivion to be modded in as well, so I can traverse the entire Elder Scrolls universe, slaying innocent villagers and looting their homes! Err, oops…I should probably keep my thoughts to myself sometimes.

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4 Responses to Skywind Mod Brings Morrowind to Skyrim Engine

  1. JeffLaFlavor says:

    But still no Skyrim to the Morrowind engine… Figures

  2. sc_e79093ae1f8987edc62701eea0fbf59e says:

    This looks awesome

  3. Hamish says:

    Speaking as someone who has played extensively in Morroblivion (Morrowind in Oblivion’s engine) I have to say that my prediction is that the game will be no where near ready for a few years. Even now Morroblivion is a complete piece of crap when it comes to bugs(if your on my friends list you’ll notice I go in and out Oblivion a lot, this is because Morroblivion’s constant crashes, not just the Gamebryo engine fucking up.)
    Morrobilion is yet to be complete as well, i.e. not all of the quest are even in the game and some that are don’t even work, for instance the Morag Tong guild has only 1 quest that works.
    While it’s a good project to support it’s very, very far from finished.

  4. SevenThreeSix says:

    Morrowind was such a huge game, it was so fun, and it was my first pc game.


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