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Published on October 4th, 2012 | by Jonathan Beck


Extra Life: Hexidecimal’s Experience & Giveaway

Hey everyone, I know we’ve been talking a lot about Extra Life and our upcoming game marathon to benefit sick kids in hospitals all over the country. We talk about in abstract most of the time. Fortunately because most of us have never had to go through something as painful as the kids in that position.

Unfortunately, I have. I wanted to take a little time to tell you all why this event is important to me, as a childhood cancer survivor, and why I’m donating my time to raise money for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Give it a watch above, and if you can, please consider taking the time to donate to my cause. Any donation above $5 US will enter you in a chance to win my AMD A8 3870k APU, just make sure you fill out the form below. Thank you all, and I look forward to seeing you later this month for our live stream.


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5 Responses to Extra Life: Hexidecimal’s Experience & Giveaway

  1. Applelololol says:

    thank based god you made it out alive and well to bless us with your beardful presence

  2. AsianHopz says:

    My birthday is on the 16th and I will donate half of whatever amount money I get to this cause.

  3. Wheelzz says:

    Your a good guy Hex. My problems may not be as serious as yours were but I am in a wheelchair and had many surgeries as a kid. My last surgery involved breaking my femurs and other parts of my legs as well as relocating muscles in order to straighten my turned out feet that were causing me pain. Un-fortunetelling I was never able to regain enough strench to walk in a walker again after having some issues and injuring my left leg not too long after the casts were off. Even though it makes m sad to not be nearly as independent as I used to be and needing help with thing like transferring, I am glad I did it. I did not have to worry about terrible knee issues or pain developing.

  4. YummyManAss says:

    I know how you feel man. I am less than two years out of chemo/radiation myself.

  5. Desng7 says:

    <3 luv you hex


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