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Bioshock Infinite Review by AjayLikesGaming

Community member Ajaylikesgaming should be a household name around here by now. His Tomb Raider review was about as professional as it gets, besting even traditional media outlets. This week he is back at it again with a review of ultra-anticipated title Bioshock Infinite.  Watch the video above and see what he thinks of what is arguably the biggest release of the year!


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10 Responses to Bioshock Infinite Review by AjayLikesGaming

  1. hazR says:

    Great review Ajay, really got me pumped for it!

  2. Innkvart says:

    Thanks for these excellent reviews Ajay. Really helping me decide what to spend time on or not with all the time I’m sinking into freetoplays and such. Keep it up!

  3. lukeh15 says:

    Am I the only one who thought the addition of racism and how racial minorities were treated was unnecessary and done in a very ham-fisted way. It added nothing to the actual plot of the game, and didn’t tie in at all with the overall theme, (assuming that the actual theme is how choice is an illusion and how free will doesn’t actually exist, or that multiverse stuff they pulled out of their asses at the end).

    I just don’t see what the need for it was. And it’s introduction (being when you get to throw the ball at either the black/irish couple or at the raffle co-ordinator) was just so abrupt and shoving it down the players throat. I felt like it was a last minute decision by the guys at Irrational in order to grab headlines and just build more hype for the game.

    I know Levine likes to push ideas and arguments in his games that most devs wouldn’t do and hey, more power to him for doing that. But in this case I think he was way off the mark.

    I’ll never begrudge a game developer for having social, political, emotional or thematic ambitions, because, as you say, so few games attempt to “go there.” That said, you’re spot on: this game tried to wear far too many hats. But I don’t think that race relations & religion aren’t subjects you can bring up & then just leave by the wayside.

    • You should really spoiler tag your post.

      Either way, I don’t agree with your opinion – comes across pretty cynical ‘felt like it was a last minute decision by the guys at Irrational in order to grab headlines and just build more hype for the game.’ – C’mon, this isn’t r/gaming.

      Anyway, as for the race issues, I don’t think it felt hamfisted at all. It was appropriate for the era and it was introduced subtly at first through posters around the city and through snippets of dialogue from various NPCs. You go through a house of people who are harbouring negroes too and the example of gave of the opening choice wasn’t exactly thrust in your face. There was very little explanation as to why they were up there until you as a player start to absorb Columbian culture. It’s not meant to add plot, it’s meant to add to the atmosphere and overall workings of the city. It’s a byproduct of the era and not something that needs to be actively dealt with in the narrative.

      I don’t think choice or illusion of choice is the theme of the game at all nor was the ending pulled out of their asses.


      I’m replaying the game right now and the idea of a multiverse and the powers of the Letuce siblings are there from the absolute start. The first telescope you look through, you can see them standing right below you and yet when you stop looking through it, they’ve vanished.

      There’s hundreds of moments of foreshadowing and build up – I honestly don’t see how you can think it was pulled out of their asses unless you were totally ignorant to all the build up through the entire game.

      I don’t think it tried to wear too many hats so I’m not sure who you’re referring to when you say they’re ‘spot on’.

      Replay it and you’ll see

  4. munkyadrian says:

    i know it cant be just me, but im getting MASSIVE screen tearing inside of elevators
    but only elevators
    i dont even, i think it might be an engine error or something

    • I’ve heard from a few people that the game has some screentearing at times. I’m on a 120Hz monitor so I’ve not actually seen any myself.

      As a helpful reference to others – if you’re seeing this comment and suffer from screentearing, leave a comment either on KBMOD or my video as a guide for others looking to see if it’s the nature of the game or not.

  5. PlayerName says:

    I was a little disappointed with the games linearity and restriction to two weapons at at time.

  6. EmperorPiehead says:

    Great review Ajay! I agree on the Anti-Aliasing since there are very different versions of AA like fxaa, msaa, csaa then 2x, 4x, 8x, or even 16x AA. Its something I’m noticing in console ports and hoping that this trend will end soon. Will pick up when on sale :)

    • Just as a reference, it’s FXAA that is implemented. Aside from that, it doesn’t feel like a console port whatsoever. If you really MUST wait for a sale, try your best to avoid any spoilers, it has one of the most original and inventive narratives I’ve ever seen in a video game.

      • EmperorPiehead says:

        FXAA is a good choice and yes I want to get on sale because I’m saving up for a 1440p monitor and my current 1080p monitor only plays full screen games at 720p IDK why but it does.



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