Published on August 19th, 2013 | by Jonathan Beck

Two Brothers: First Look and Developer Interview

Last week on The Bearded Gamer, we were lucky enough to get a first look at Ackk Studios upcoming game, Two Brothers. If you missed it, I talked about seeing this game right after PAX East this year and how excited I was to get to play it. With Link’s Awakening being my favorite game of all time, and Two Brothers drawing heavy influence from that game as well as other classic titles like Secret of Mana and Earthbound, it was my must play game of PAX.

Not only do we get a first look, but Andrew Allanson from Ackk is kind enough to join us to talk about the game, its development process, the inspirations behind it, and give us some early info about their next title the Y2K Project. The game ends up being a ton of fun, and I’m even more excited for the final product now. You can snag your copy right here and make sure vote for the game on Steam Greenlight as well.

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