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KBMOD Cast Schedule: May 5-11, 2014

As always, you can tune in to all these streams on our Twitch page. Make sure to follow our channel to get notified the moment we’re going live! If you enjoy our streams and want to show your love for KBMOD, you can also become a paid subscriber to our Twitch channel! For $4.99/month, you get a completely ad-free experience on our channel and a special subscriber icon and custom twitch emoticons next to your name in the chat.

Monday (5/5) @ 12:00pm EST – Afternoon Delight w/ Jedi: Mass Effect 2
Monday (5/5) @ 9:30pm EST – The Grind w/ Dan: Dark Souls II Caster Build Night 3
Tuesday (5/6) @ 9:30pm EST– NO STREAM
Tuesday (5/6) @ 11:59pm EST– Late Night w/ Nikon
Wednesday (5/7) @ 9:30pm EST – The Bearded Gamer w/ Hex: Interview with Ackk Studios + Loadout Community night
Thursday (5/8) @ 9:00pm EST – Rough Tims
Friday (5/9) @ 11:00am EST– Casual Friday w/ Dan: Child of Light and other games
Saturday (5/10) @ 11:59pm EST – Midnight Emulation Station
Sunday (5/11) @ 11:00am EST – AjayLikesGaming
Sunday (5/11) @ 10:00pm EST – KBMOD Podcast: Episode 140 w/ Mr Sark

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