Published on March 11th, 2015 | by Jonathan Beck

Launch Stream – Cities: Skylines

City building games have had a rough go of it lately. We’re all painfully aware of how underwhelming, nay terrible, the last SimCity game was. Paradox Interactive is hoping to change that, and if early previews are any indicator, we might finally have a worthy SimCity 2000 successor.

Join me tonight at 9:00 PM EST on our Twitch Channel, and we’ll see if Cities: Skylines can salvage a genre desperately in need of saving, or if we’re just going to have to go back to SimCity 2000 again. At the very least, we’re gonna build some strangely laid out cities. I wonder how many garbage dumps I can fit in one residential district?

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4 Responses to Launch Stream – Cities: Skylines

  1. Nipnops says:

    I will be dualstreaming with hex tonight m8s!

  2. seanbutnotheard says:

    Wish I could join, game looks super fun.

  3. Madpup says:

    Can’t wait to watch. I played this afternoon and I was vastly disappointed in my lack of will power to purposly ruin my city.

  4. NC:DJ says:

    I really enjoyed this stream. Any chance of some more?


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