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Video Review – Blues and Bullets #1

On top of our detailed written look at the first episode of Blues and Bullets, we’d like to bring you the condensed video counterpart. Enjoy!

Blues and Bullets is an interactive drama in the same vein as Telltale’s beloved The Walking Dead series. The game follows Eliot Ness, the now-retired leader of the renowned Untouchables group. Running his own diner in the heart of the city, Eliot has set aside his crime-fighting past, in favour of a life of peace. Unfortunately for him, children are vanishing and the police are seem unwilling to help. The city of Santa Esperanza is in desperate need of a man willing to take the law into this own hands, and bring the culprit to justice by any means necessary.

Blues and Bullets is currently available on Steam, with Episode #1 costing $4.99 (£3.99) and the complete season at a reasonable $19.99 (£14.99).

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4 Responses to Video Review – Blues and Bullets #1

  1. Nipnops says:

    Fantastic video Ajay. Loving the production and now i definitely want to play this.

  2. Simon says:

    Excellent job, Ajay! Top quality editing and writing!

    I don’t by any means mean to insult you or this review, but I do think it is worth mentioning that comparing this game, (or any decent video game,) to Heavy Rain is a huge mistake. Heavy Rain should be considered one of the most disastrous games in gaming history. To be completely honest, your review lost some credibility by referencing Heavy Rain in a positive light.

    That being said, thank you for this awesome review. I can defiantly see a lot of hard work went into this video!

    • Not sure I agree about losing credibility as a result of enjoying a critically acclaimed game. What exactly do you think is so disastrous about it?

      • Simon says:

        The voice acting, the writing, the storytelling, the game-play mechanics. Those were all pretty bad. Heavy Rain is one of the biggest examples of David Cage’s ridiculous writing. He tries so hard to get a deep emotional response out of the player, but he falls flat at almost every instance. What was suppose to seem gripping and intense often comes out pretentious and edgy.

        (I really don’t mean any hard feelings though, I just really cannot stand the ridiculous amounts of acclaim that Cage’s games get for no good reason. I really do respect you as a content creator and reviewer though.)

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