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battlestationsheadline is a large conglomerate of individuals, widely ranging from PC gamers, IT professionals, streamers, cosplayers, hardware modders, anime enthusiasts and much more. Because our community is so unique and vast, the staff at KBMOD decided that it was time that we start highlighting content from those within our community. You – the reader, the Twitch viewer, that pleb audio listener – make up who we are.  Starting now, we’re going to start accepting and publishing content from our community. If it’s a computer case you’re modding, a written opinion on the eSports scene, an awesome Twitch highlight you created, pictures of a LAN party you took, or an update on a game you’re actively developing – we want to share it.

Keep in mind that we cannot accept all content. We reserve the right to deny your media from being published on our site and the right to withhold the reason for doing so.

Please be patient. For preparation, we anticipate having multiple people edit and fine tune the material you provide in their free time. Content can take days, if not a couple weeks, to turn around and be published online.

If you’re submitting a Battlestation, go here. Otherwise, in order to get your content on the site, email us at:

Or post your article in the forum if you’d like to get feedback from the community first.

Make sure it follows these guidelines:

  • The email subject line must say “Community Submission – (your choice of gamertag/handle/realname here)” – we won’t know if it’s for the site otherwise.
  • A little about yourself. Who you are, your favorite part of the community – things of that nature. Social media links are good!
  • Written content must be grammatically correct and easily readable. No less than 500 words, please.
  • Pictures must be hosted externally first. Please do not send us all your files. We will let you know if we need the photos. Photos must be properly exposed and clear. Sites like Flickr, Imgur, Google Drive, OneDrive are preferred.
  • Videos must be edited and prepared for upload to our channels. We will not be editing your videos. Like photos, please do not send us your files right away – hosting and unlisting on sites like YouTube and Vimeo are preferred.

That’s it! Once you get everything submitted, we will let you know whether we can publish your content or not in less than a few days.

Check out our most recent community content here:

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