KBMOD is a gaming and technology website, consisting of a weekly podcast, content hub and close-knit gaming community.

KBMOD was founded in May 2011 out of a desire for a different kind of PC Gaming news coverage, but has evolved into something much more over the years.  We produce content daily on Twitch broadcasts, YouTube, and our website, kbmod.com.  Community driven content and events are at the core of KBMOD.

We’ve formed partnerships with brands as TwitchDiscord, GUNNAR Optiks, and many popular online content creators. To date, we have helped raise nearly $600,000 for charities such as Children’s Miracle Network’s Extra Life and Child’s Play Charities.

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Who is KBMOD?


BobBob | Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer, Technology Evangelist

One of the founding fathers of KBMOD, and an unfortunate casualty of real life responsibilities. An IT professional by trade, and an elitist by choice.

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BrandonBrandon | Co-Founder, Editor, Podcast Host

Brandon started his PC gaming days playing Doom II (IDDQD/IDKFA for life) and has been hooked on online gaming since the original Starsiege: Tribes. The way to his heart is through proper grammar, corn dogs, and cookie cake.

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stafunoobTim | Editor in Chief

Host of Rough Tims & Waking Up w/ Stafunoob. Broadcaster and Content Creator for KBMOD. Hot Cheetos, Takis, and Gushers are my lifeblood, feed me them so I know it’s real.

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Jonathan BeckJonathan | Senior Content Supervisor

I’ll drink a beer with you at a party. I know hardware things and enjoy talking about them. I am still your new best friend and most trusted confidant.

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Brad | Media Relations, Content Supervisor

I bring material to our reviewers and content producers here at KBMOD. If you have something that you’d like us to cover, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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NikonPunchMark | Broadcaster, Video Producer, A/V Coordinator

Bob convinced me to move from California to Pittsburgh. He’s the worst.

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Scott | Podcast Member, Broadcaster

Chode Master. That is all.

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DavidDavid | Podcast Member, Video Producer, Writer

Life is short. Entertain. Be entertained. Take risks. Make memes.

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NickNick | Podcast Crasher

Nick Fenton was forged in the fires of Mount Doom in 1876. At age 14 he was traded to a tribe in the tundra of Minnesota for fur pelts. He is only captivated by instagram photos and dinosaur facts. When it comes to video games, there are none more mediocre. See him on the internet with 10 million MySpace and 10 million YouTube.

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MikeMike | Lead Editor, Broadcaster

I’ve been PC gaming my entire life and built my first gaming PC in 2011. Grammar, punctuation, and playing racing games with a keyboard are all my specialty.

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Ryan | Writer, Project Manager

I write articles about technology policy and how it affect the gaming community.

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Drake | Writer, Editor

Future IT professional and lover of eSports, with a focus on Overwatch, Melee, and Project M.

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JustinJustin | Writer

Commentator, Gamer, Sim Racer, Dog Lover, Beard Grower

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Sean | Writer

Late to the PC gaming party but quickly making up for lost time. His first and only love is the beautiful game of Tribes: Ascend – games like DotA, CS:GO, and Overwatch try to fill the gap, but still leave him feeling a bit empty. A hardware fanatic who will stop at nothing to find the perfect gaming setup and most importantly Phil Kessel’s #1 fan.

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Suros_SixJulian | Writer

Gamer that fell in love with PC Gaming just in time to enjoy some really good games and hate some really bad ones. Fantasy colored hair is my weakness.

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Coppert4nkKyle | Writer, Broadcaster

Host of Battlefield Nights. PC gaming since the mid 90s. Avid streamer, retro gaming collector, Metal Gear Solid enthusiast.

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AndrewsarchisAndrew | Writer, Editor, Broadcaster, Actually Chad

Music. Beer. Video Games. Amateur beard-grower, full-time wolf wrestler.

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| Writer, Broadcaster, Living Meme

The nicest man you will ever meet, not the best at the English language. I like to cover myself in shaving creaming. Oh, and I play VR games and space games

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ZumarZumar | Writer, Editor, Cool Dad

Writer & Editor. I have a passion for all things video game. I love to focus on the origins and inspirations for games, new and old. I have an appreciation for good whiskey.

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sanguisangelusDave | Writer, Broadcaster

A dwarfish-gnome whose life as a systems engineer is haunted by people’s technical questions every day. PC game and streaming enthusiast with a knack for shooters. Built my first computer at the age of 16 and have been building them ever since.

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seanbutnotheardseanbutnotheard | Writer, Webmaster

Dweller of forests, pubs, and Linux terminals. You can call me Grampappy.

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