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Published on May 27th, 2011 | by Dan


>Future of PC Gaming? What about consoles?

>Well, this is quite out of the norm. The developer of the Age of Empires series, Chris Taylor, is telling us not to worry about the future of PC gaming, but more worry about the future of the one trick pony console.

He brings up some solid points in the short article from MaximumPC. Consoles are limited, despite Netflix and other features they have, they are just gaming machines with outdated hardware and little flexibility. As I was informed today, an Apple TV Box actually has more gaming power than a Wii. That’s not good.
It is also encouraging to hear this from a developer, because as we’ve been told incessantly over the past few years that it’s so much easier to develop games for the console. Minus Blizzard, most studios have sort of echoed this pro-console statement, so it’s nice to hear another one sticking up for the PC. He also says the piracy issues of PC are going by the wayside in his opinion. This is encouraging for all of us who PC game.
What do you think? Is any side of this debate right?
Maximum PC: Ages of Empires Dev Talks about PC Gaming

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3 Responses to >Future of PC Gaming? What about consoles?

  1. Maskahu says:

    >PC enthusiasts will always keep pc gaming relevant in at least some sense, while people who'd rather not bother with "do I have the right hardware to even run this game?" will keep the consoles in business.

    People like my wife, who are not technically inclined and don't care to be, would much rather go to a store and buy a console game, knowing with 100% certainty that the game they buy will work on the console they own. They don't really encounter performance problems that someone buying a new game for an outdated PC might find.

    If either one destroyed the other, it'd be bad for gaming in general. Alienation if PC's became the only place for the medium, and stagnation if consoles did. That doesn't change the fact that I just can't see anything like that ever happening.

  2. Welshboy2142 says:

    >I think DICE have said pretty much the same thing as well

  3. moniteleon says:

    >Here's the way I see it. I don't really know which side has a better future, but I CAN say that if PC gaming wanes, that'll be bad for gaming in general. Why?

    Lemme use an America-tastic analogy. PC Gaming is to Capitalism as consoles are to Communism/Socialism.

    Consoles require far less time and money investment (at least in the eyes of the masses, John's guides show otherwise) than PCs. This has parallels in "big-governement" styled economics in that it's "safer." The government will provide this and that and cushion you and you don't have to worry your pretty little head about stuff, just like consoles.

    HOWEVER, those governments will then deny you your freedom and rights because it's a risk to their sovereignty. Just like how Micro$oft and $ony pretty much deny you the ability to mod your consoles and games.

    That's why PC gaming is vital to gaming in general IMO. Games like Team Fortress and Left 4 Dead and Counterstrike BEGAN as mods. I believe that moreso than in the movie and music industries, consumers of video games have a place in the industry. People can come up with some great stuff, if you let them. If consoles became the victor in this "war," gaming as a whole would become more bleak and restricted by what developers and publishers want, which is pretty bad honestly.

    Though right now, it looks like console gaming is more prosperous in terms of income than PC gaming, just like America is clinging to government intervention because they think it'll help them.

    Again, this is all my opinion.

    Penis. FACT. Chodes. FACT. Schlongs. Do I need to say it? FACT. End of discussion.



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