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Published on May 26th, 2011 | by Aplfisher


>Minecraft Mobile?

>You play Minecraft 40+ hours a week. Your typical day involves you rushing home from work, while blatantly ignoring the desperate calls and texts from your girlfriend to “Stop playing that fucking game.” You run through your front door at top speed and on your way past the kitchen into the den you manage to throw a hot pocket in the microwave for “dinner”. In less than 30 seconds you have Minecraft booted up on your PC and resume work on your masterpiece…A to scale replica of Mos Eisley – the famous Star Wars space port. You play for 8 hours straight only to pass out at 1AM and repeat the cycle again.

Alright. So that was a little over the top. I get that. However – there is a reason Minecraft players and fans are so fanatical. This game has built itself the stellar reputation of being no less addictive than crack cocaine. Unhampered freedom to build anything you want, coupled with cute graphics and exciting exploration (on randomly generated worlds), is the recipe for the “instant classic” that Minecraft has become.

Recieving rave reviews and winning more awards than can be named isn’t enough for Notch (Minecraft creator) and company though. They are now preparing to take their masterpiece to the mobile platform.

God help us all.

Epic Win: Minecraft Is Coming to Android, iOS

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