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Published on June 29th, 2011 | by Dan


>Beware Newegg Bundles

>I normally don’t recommend doing the bundle deals at Newegg and today’s is a prime example of why.

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Now on the surface, looks great, 709 bucks for an i7 and everything but a video card. All the components look high quality, but as with any bundle, they always get you somewhere, and here the hard drive is absolute garbage. It is a Seagate 1.5 tb green drive. This means low power, this means 5900 RPM. Basically you could buy this bundle, then have to spend 150+ on a decent video card and then have to spend 80 more on a hard drive that isn’t slower than old people. Simply cannot use 5900 RPM for a main drive.
Not such a deal anymore.

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