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Published on June 3rd, 2011 | by Dan


>ID’s New Game Rage

>id is of course famous for starting this whole fps shenanigans with Wolfenstein 3d, Doom and various other titles throughout the years. They are back with a new game at E3 this year, Rage.

It looks part RPG, part pure FPS, but with some very interesting mechanics thrown in. id and Bethesda made some innovations with Brink and it looks like Rage will bring something new to the table as well. i hadn’t even heard of the game to be completely honest, but this trailer has me excited. Post-apocalyptic almost Mad Max looking art and some very interesting weapons are included. To me, the trailer looks like console footage because of how the player moves, but I’m sure it’ll be out for pc. Whether half-assed console port or not, we’ll see.
Check it out and give us your thoughts!

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2 Responses to >ID’s New Game Rage

  1. CrustyKestrel says:

    >All I know is that they don't plan on having dedicated servers for the multiplayer.

  2. mackknights16 says:

    >Game looks visually incredible and I'm not fussed about the multiplayer especially if it have the fallout/oblivion type idea of free roaming picking up quests of anyone needing a hand.

    If that being true its more then likely I'll be using a controller also, my hands cant handle several hours in the keyboard position.

    I heard about this game a couple months back, and I'll continue to keep looking for it :)



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