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Published on June 1st, 2011 | by Dan


>KBMOD’s Thoughts on MW3 Leaks

>@z0mgitshutch just tweeted this, but Kotaku posted it: MW3 Leaked Perks

After reading through this. I won’t be purchasing Mw3. No dedicated servers is a breaking point. Those who want a game that isn’t mostly controlled will wait for AlterIW to put out a new MW3 server set.
(EDIT: Stopping Power confirmed as NOT in the game.) Team Perks sound great in theory but it will definitely matter how that’s implemented. They have also taken Ghost Pro and made it somehow even worse and not counterable (Blind Eye). Health Regen seems game breakingly bad if one team has it and the other doesn’t.
Again, these are first impressions and the execution will be key on these perks. Killstreaks look basically the same as MW2 with the notable exception being the removal of the nuke.
Gone is the annoying RCXD, replaced by an even more annoying remote helicopter.
My opinion is that this looks like Modern Warfare 2 with a new skin and some minor changes. As of right now, PC gamers, avoid and wait AlterIW to work their magic. We must stress that none of this is confirmed.
A distinct feeling of disappointment here at KBMOD right now. Might have the other writers here also put their feelings down. Have at it in the comments.

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5 Responses to >KBMOD’s Thoughts on MW3 Leaks

  1. Janzzze says:

    >this sucks call of duty has the potential to be a really awesome game but bobby kotick and decisions like this ruins the entire game.

    new pc FACT bf3 FACT dicks FACT wait for AltIWNet FACT chodes FACT

  2. Bobby says:

    >@Welshboy2142 said it right. Skyrim and Bf3, what more could I possibly want? ;)

  3. CrustyKestrel says:

    >I won't be buying it, or at least, I won't be buying it straight away. It's looking like it'll just be MW2, and I've suffered through that game enough already.

  4. Welshboy2142 says:

    >For some sad reason i'm not supprised by the lack of dedicated servers. Oh well, skyrim and Bf3 will take up all my time in november

  5. Ryan says:

    >These are almost my exact same feelings I had when I read it the first time. No dedicated servers, the return of Ghost Pro and Team Perks just sound overpowered. What happens when one team has Stopping Power and the other team has only Stun Protection. Not to mention sticking Blast Shield (which will probably be Flak Jacket) in the same spot as Stopping Power. But I guess i'll save full buy or no buy judgment until more information is released.



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