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Published on June 1st, 2011 | by Dan


>Metro: Last Light to be Made With PC Gamers in Mind

>Metro: 2033 is one of the most demanding games on systems ever made. It was absolutely beautiful and my pc had trouble with it. Great title, but according to the article we will link here, it was unfinished.

Last Light is the sequel to 2033. And according to the developers, it was designed for PC gamers in mind. It will most likely have very high requirements, much like the Crysis engine. However, it should run for any newer system, just not on great settings. They say the combat system, which was problematic, is much easier to use and to know what’s going on around you.
This is an encouraging development for us, as PC gamers. Now 2 larger devs coming out and saying straight away this engine or game was built for the PC. BF3 of course being the real coup.
Maybe the stories of the PC’s demise were greatly exaggerated?
Ars Technica: Metro: Last Light

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