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Published on June 7th, 2011 | by Dan


>Tiny but Helpful Apps for You, the PC Gamer

>PCs have a lot going on. You need to have some sort of monitors and programs helping you sort everything out. You also don’t want those programs to be intrusive at all. Below are some highlights from an article by MaximumPC on tiny useful apps as well as our own picks (the only one from the article I don’t recommend is defraggler, you don’t need a defrag beyond the default in Windows 7):

HWMonitor is a hardware monitor with almost every read out available. CPUID makes this app, it is small, lightweight and provides great intel on your system.
CPU-Z is a program from CPUID as well, and provides basic information about your CPU, motherboard, ram and GPU.
GPU-Z provides in-depth information about both Nvidia and ATI GPUs.
IRFanview and Paint.net as well as GIMP (a linux program) are free photo editors and converters.
Foxit PDFViewer is a lightweight PDF viewer that you should use over Adobe’s bloated reader.
Itunes sucks. Zune software is bloated. Even Winamp has extras no one needs. I prefer Foobar2000. It uses almost no RAM right out of the box, perfect for playing music.

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  1. Sagesparten007 says:

    >Awesome, thanks for the heads up about Foobar2000, I hate iTunes, I just use it for updating my ipod and have been on the look out for a program that I can skip tracks with a hotkey, was using media monkey but this is much more minimalistic, awesome! thanks!



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