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Published on July 7th, 2011 | by Dan


>AMD Releases hotfix for Catalyst Drivers

>ATi’s catalyst drivers are to put it simply, bad. I’m still using April’s drivers on my crossfire 5770s because the newer ones degraded performance and the 11.6 drivers caused a ton of screen flicker. Before that any drivers earlier than 11.4 and crossfire just wasn’t even recognized by the drivers.

AMD is dropping an 11.6b hotfix today to fix the screen flicker issue, so I may give them another go.
I love AMD/ATI and have been loyal to them for a number of years based on their bang for the buck potential. These driver issues may yet push me to Nvidia for my video needs, but hotfixing is a good sign. Fact is though, it should never have been needed.
News courtesy of MaximumPC.

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