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Published on July 21st, 2011 | by Dan


>BF3 Alpha Footage Leaks, KBMOD Lags Behind

>Frankly, I wasn’t going to post anything on this, but since this isn’t a youtube video and will be up longer, here is some BF3 Alpha footage from Kotaku:

Kotaku: BF3 Footage Leaked
And here is a youtube channel with 2 videos.
One thing is plain from some other twitter messages today, my little info drop of requiring a quad core from the podcast is probably true. This game is a beast to run well. JamieEHills living dangerously on twitter today, saying he’s recording at 35 fps in 1080p with a 560ti and an i7-2600k. You i3 guys and other dual cores are probably out of luck for running the game well. Obviously this is alpha and things can change performance wise between now and release, but probably not by much.
Watch it all before it gets taken down!

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6 Responses to >BF3 Alpha Footage Leaks, KBMOD Lags Behind

  1. cloudonpc says:

    >I think he as an i5 2500k.

  2. Duffy says:

    >35fps is pretty shit. Thought that sort of spec would get over 50.

  3. xFaDEs says:

    you're pretty shit, what a cheap wanker you are. why dont you shell out 3 grand like everybody else. run BF3 fine in 1080p at 1920x with 333fps.


  4. Duffy says:

    >How many fps does your emachines get then? ;p

    I mis-read the post though, I didn't see the bit about him recording at the same time as playing. Also, I see he's since tweeted that it was a problem with fraps and he's getting 60fps now.

    It's all good (H).

  5. xFaDEs says:

    >60 w/ fraps? yee

    And my Emachine could play BF3 on max settings max resolution framecapped at 125 with all 63 players on screen NO PROBLEMO.

  6. Duffy says:

    >Yeeaaaa! :D

    Gonna load that alpha shit onto my netbook and own some noobs. Fuck da 560 ti.



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