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Published on July 21st, 2011 | by Dan


>EA Trying to Develop New Content Model for Sports Games

>This isn’t entirely PC related but relevant nonetheless. EA wants to try a sort of flat fee model for sports games (for now) instead of paying 60 bucks for a game. They are thinking maybe you pay a flat monthly fee to play Madden and play it on any platform. It will upgrade to next years version, etc, roster updates and all that, but you never have to go to GameStop and pay out 60 bucks at once to play it.

For sports games this makes a lot of sense as rosters are ever changing and I actually don’t like heading out each year to get the new one. It will be interesting if they can see this through to fruition as I think it could really work. You might end up paying the same or more over the course of a year, but you get the next version automatically and maybe don’t feel as ripped off if it’s not up to par. You can play with friends across versions and platforms and socially this is a leap forward. Sports games are competition incarnate this would allow for more of it.
This could even be used for all games eventually, you pay your EA monthly pass to Origin and get access to everything. An interesting idea and read over at Daily Tech.

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2 Responses to >EA Trying to Develop New Content Model for Sports Games

  1. Dex says:

    >Madden and NCAA are about the only two games that I play on console. NBA 2k has been pretty good about having a version on PC. If it is anything more than 5 bucks a month… you will see very little interest, especially if you have to buy new "power packs" every year, too.

  2. ZeroHeroVids says:

    >Sounds interesting, even though I don't play much sport games. I'm curious for the price it will be.



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