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Published on July 27th, 2011 | by Alex


>Featured YouTubes of the Day


Today was the release day of The KBMOD Podcast’s second episode. There’s a great bundle of games up for sale that also happens to support charity and fit even the smallest budgets plus some awesome BFBC2 action. Enjoy!

WolfireGames overviews ‘The Humble Bundle’, a 5 game package for the PC that’s priced at exactly: pay what you want. All profits go to the indie devs that slaved over these wonderful creations and charities such as Child’s Play for which KBMOD hopes to run a 48 hour live stream in support of, or at least we do now since I leaked that information. This is definitely something worth picking up:

Sgt. Enigma may very well be the best player on YouTube at his preferred game:

All the information you need to check out the second episode of the KBMOD Podcast featuring chav-fighter extraordinaire TheTrout91 is in this video:

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7 Responses to >Featured YouTubes of the Day

  1. KellyLivo says:

    >How 'bout we all fuck and be happy.

  2. Henrik says:

    >I don't think the instruction video should be there because most people checking this blogg are more than likely to be subscribed to anyone of those who put out a promo video for it. If not they probably saw one of the numerous tweets, retweets or previous blog posts about the podcast. So because so few (if any) would actually need another reminder of the podcast I thought that the slot, which would bring attention and subscribers, should have been given to someone who actually put out a quality youtube video.

    A 37 second instruction video that redirects to a 1hr podcast in my eyes doesn't fit in a post named "Featured YOUTUBES of the day".

    That was my point. I will now gladly fulfill your wish and fuck off.

  3. PvtJ8ker says:

    >No, I will never learn to take criticism with a grain of salt when the criticism is delivered in that matter and 'scape goated' by making a character judgement. Your condescension has been noted and it is not appreciated. You weren't kind to my choices, in fact you flat out insulted me. Then, while explaining yourself insulted me yet again with your writer vs. reader quip. Feel free to share your opinions but know that you aren't very good at delivering them civilly or constructively and just because you complain about your true meaning doesn't make that so. Good day.

  4. Henrik says:

    >Won't ever give any opinion on anything on this blog again tho ;) Will just read and have me a cup STFU whenever I feel like commenting.

    Now that I got your attention tho, keep on posting Magic and can't wait for the Metro play through!

  5. Henrik says:

    >haha. I'm a fan of yours and don't really mind when this happens :P Funny tho how everything that's not kissing ass is considered hate. But I guess a reader's opinion doesn't matter if it conflicts with anything that the writer thinks.

    I know you're a smart guy tho, and one day you will learn to take criticism with a grain of salt.

  6. PvtJ8ker says:

    >Lol. We will pimp out our own podcast on our own website thanks very much. I'm tempted…I'm gonna…yeah fuck you.

  7. Henrik says:

    >Lol. The KBMOD instructions video shouldn't be here. There's other content more worthwhile posting.



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