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Published on July 6th, 2011 | by Dan


>The Sniper Mobo, Complete with Gun Cartridge.

>So we just had the mother of all mousepads on here. Now we have a motherboard that packs a punch. No seriously, it has ammunition.

Gigabyte makes really solid motherboards and I’m sure this will be no exception for the enthusiast crowd. The G1.Sniper 2 isn’t out yet and packs all the punch a gaming grade motherboard should. It also has a built-in Killer NIC e2100 network card, designed for gamers to lower ping and packet loss. The on-board sound is no ordinary setup either. It is a built-in Xi-Fi with it’s own memory. It has a green and black color scheme and a Gun Cartridge shaped heatsink.
Yes you read that right. Head over to Gigabyte’s facebook page to see the pictures. Thanks to MaximumPC for the heads up. Their article here, with more specs included.

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