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Published on August 3rd, 2011 | by Brandon


>BF3 pre-orders through Origin get early beta access

>Piggybacking on our article from yesterday about the announcement of Battlefield 3 pre-order bonuses for US customers, EA has now also announced the pre-order bonuses for purchasing directly through Origin. Perhaps unsurprisingly, EA has saved the juiciest pre-order package for themselves.

As listed on the official Origin store page, customers who pre-order on Origin will get exclusive early access to the open beta and the ability to pre-load the game before it launches. They also receive the Physical Warfare Pack and a couple of exclusive items in Battlefield Play4Free.
I can’t imagine EA’s retail partners are too thrilled about this, since EA is going to steal away many of their potential customers. However, this is obviously a pretty shrewd move to force adoption of Origin and take the first step to cutting out the retailers entirely.
In yesterday’s article, I pondered about whether to just pre-order directly through Origin. Well, it looks like today’s announcement makes that decision pretty easy.
(Hat tip to Ars Technica for breaking this news)

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6 Responses to >BF3 pre-orders through Origin get early beta access

  1. Dex says:

    >I'd rather give my money to Gamestop than let EA try to manage it. Their download helper/game retainer has been awful for years. Naming it Origin doesn't change that.

    I already pre-ordered from GameStop, because that is where I get my games (though they seem to support PC gaming about as much as nuns support abortions). The fact that EA can't resolve their issues with Steam is an indication that they are going full force with their new service.

    I still find it ridiculous that we don't all get the same things as a pre-order. I could understand some extra flare for a collector's edition…. but for an FPS to do this… WTF?!

  2. Welshboy2142 says:

    >I'm going to the local game store instead. I've never been to a midnight release so i was hoping BF3 would be my first one

  3. vol1tion says:


    I meant juiciest in comparison to the other retailer exclusives. Plus, it's juicy because it allows me to get the Physical Warfare Pack without giving a dime to Gamestop.

  4. Lyonsy says:

    >@Peeble it's only 48h early for the beta

  5. Peeble says:

    >>juiciest pre-order package

    IMO 1-2 weeks early for the beta isn't very juicy :/

  6. Stefan says:

    >fuck, i already pre-ordered a physical copy at a online store for 35 bucks



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