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KBMOD Podcast – Episode 5 (Featuring @ObviouslyJesus)

This week on the podcast, we are joined by the one and only YouTube philosopher ObviouslyJesus. Besides trolling Collin about his awful video card, we talk the newly announced Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Borderlands 2 and get filled in by Dan about PlanetSide 2. Our witty guest also does the “Rant of the Week” segment about a mistake he made on Steam involving his friends list. The Twitter Q+A delves into our top 3 favorite movies of all time and trolls Colin again. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to KBMOD Podcast – Episode 5 (Featuring @ObviouslyJesus)

  1. Evan says:

    >Can't seem to be able to open the episode :(
    Your podbean won't open either…

  2. KellyLivo says:

    >Can't wait to listen. Thanks for putting up a mirror, podbean gets overloaded and its nice to download it in 2 minutes rather than 80

  3. CrustyKestrel says:

    >Good stuff, as always. Not sure John is entirely correct in calling Portal and both Left 4 Dead games console ports though.

  4. TheRhodan says:

    >I really love these <3

  5. iLikeLemons says:

    >Loving the podcasts guys keep them coming <3



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