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Published on August 26th, 2011 | by Dan


>Nerdy off-topic: IBM Creates Largest Storage System Ever

>You could torrent the world with this thing.

The insane bros over at IBM have created the biggest storage array ever. This sucker is 120 Petabytes. How much is that? 120 million gigabytes. This thing could hold 60 copies of the Wayback Machine internet archive.
This wasn’t meant for your mp3 and pirated movie collection though. This was meant for super computing and eventually the cloud. It can help to cure cancer, model weather and do complex math. They even have the redundancy working so that when a drive fails (there are 200,000 drives) the thing keeps running flawlessly.
You thought 3 terabyte drives were cutting edge. Pffft.
Source: dailytech


6 Responses to >Nerdy off-topic: IBM Creates Largest Storage System Ever

  1. Zeela says:

    >One day, there will be 120 Petabyte usb sticks. Not in my life time though…

  2. Mike says:

    >I haz 1.34 mb of SEXC pr0nz on mai fl0PPEE disc :)

  3. JRLu says:


  4. Evan says:

    >Ay guuuuuurl, lemme take a byte out of yo' pants.

  5. reallycoolstu says:

    >Just think of all the data management.

  6. Chippahh says:

    >All i know is that after John reads this he's going to think, i still have a 1tb SSD.



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