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Published on September 26th, 2011 | by John


>A 100% serious comparison of the PC and console versions of BF3



As you can see, the visuals are fairly similar. I do think I see a bit more tesselation on the PC version, but that’s hardly noticeable. The landscapes look beautiful in both versions of the game. Judging from what I can see, the console version looks to have much tighter controls this time around.

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  • Nicklolz123


  • Stolen Syn

    >best post i've seen on here. hands down. no exceptions.

  • A Soggy Sandal

    >Hahaha :') amazing

  • djwattwood

    >I couldn't really tell that difference. I think the PC version had slightly higher fps.

  • Stolen Syn


    thats only because all consolololol games are capped. ;D

  • MAJhacks

    >true facts, personally i'm holding out for the wii version

  • Fargo

    >The one on the right isn't battlefield. You can't fool me.

  • zenith

    >Actually, the one on the right is the alpha for Battlefield 4, that's why you can't compare the PC graphics against the PS3's because they're so much better.

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