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Published on September 1st, 2011 | by Dan


>Featured Youtubes of the Day


>Alex is in school! He’s all grown up, so Dan takes the duties for the next couple days. After a battle call article earlier today, let us celebrate some PC Youtubes:

We can’t get enough of CS: GO hands-on news, especially for the legend, Juicetra:
Next up we have GavinthePacMan with some competitive Promod 2v2, love this bros accent:
An excellent spy gameplay on Badwater with some great tips with the deadringer from Stabby (this guy deserves some attention):



I put the OO in Swagoo. One of the founders of KBMOD. I stream on Twitch as well as writing and editing for the website.

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  • Behemoth

    >Stabby is the reason why spy is my most played class as of late.

  • Zackcy

    >Stabby's video wow.

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