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Published on September 8th, 2011 | by Bob


>Featured Youtubes of the Day


>Dead Island may have some of you feeling down, but we have some bros who have it running on today’s youtubes.

Here they are:
Xcalizorz and Dinoridingjesus are kicking the shit out of some zombies:
STAFUNoob doing some Dead Island hilarity:
Kletusbonkers with a serious message and some nice sniping:
Gavin with some nice Black Ops Promod:



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  • Mik

    >Good videos today, if you link more of Xcal and DRJ's Dead Island videos you should put the ones from Dinos Point of view, help him get some views :D

  • maceron

    >How would someone go about submitting a channel? Or do they get picked by a member of KBMOD?

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