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Published on September 13th, 2011 | by Dan


Featured Youtubes of the Day 9/13/11

>I went to the doctors office today, giving me time to do this. It isn’t a dead feature by any means! No worries! Enjoy some of these PC gamers showing you their stuff.

First off we have a competitive frag movie from our boys over at WASDgamers, this is a crazy edit. keep in mind it’s all competitive LAN play:
Next, Bropile devotee Blacklightattack with his TF2 guide to the Diamondback:
Jnolzz going hard as hell in this minimally edited frag movie:
Last but not least, a KBMOD revolution member, the Eyrod with his first PC video:

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4 Responses to Featured Youtubes of the Day 9/13/11

  1. Janzzze says:

    >actully that "fragmovie" by jnolzz is not a fragmovie its actully a montage since its public games

  2. John says:

    >Common misconception with people –
    Frag movie = non respawn gametypes
    Montage = respawn gametypes


  3. Stefan says:

    >I was wondering if there is a promod for cod5 ? I want to play it and troll it if it's there

  4. Mikan says:

    >@Stefan yes it is a Promod for WaW, think its called ComMod but hard to find any public servers for it, and in my lifetime i never thought I'd see Jnolzz of all people on KBMOD…



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