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Published on October 21st, 2011 | by Dan


>Blizzcon Mists of Pandaria Information/Trailer

>Blizzard announced the new Panda themed WoW expansion today at Blizzcon.  We have a lot of new details for the expansion so far.  We will try to list as many as possible here.  This is not a complete list (check out PCGamer’s consolidated post here).

The Pandaren:

-5 new leveling zones, all on one continent, AH, Bank, NO FLIGHT TIL 90.
-Pandaren starting zone is a giant floating turtle, The Wandering Isle
-Pandaren cannot be DK, Paladin, Druid or warlock
-NEW CLASS: The Monk
-Monk does not have an autoattack.  You use Jab and Roll to generate Light and Dark energy, to spend on moves.  Kind of like DK Runes.
-You choose faction at level 10
-New enemies, The Jinyu, humanoid fish, The Hozu who are monkeys, Kobold like Verming, Bunny people.

Overall Revamps:

-Level cap raised to 90
-More outdoor activities to get you into the world, including World Raid bosses
-They want progression no matter what you are doing (not sure what this means)
-Noncombat pets can be leveled and fought against other noncombat pets (POKEMON ALL DAY)
-New challenge mode dungeons, think 45 Minute Strat and Bear Runs.  These net you more Valor points and

Talent Overhaul:

-No more 3 talent trees, now there are Spec Abilities, Class Abilities and Talents.
-Choose spec at level 10, get a new ability, you unlock more spec abilities as you level.
-New talent every 15 levels.
-ONE talent tree per class.
-Choose 6 talents to use, Diablo III style.
-Trying to get away from Cookie Cutter builds


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One Response to >Blizzcon Mists of Pandaria Information/Trailer

  1. Mikan says:

    >An interesting race for once! weird that Pandaren can't be Druid imo, seems like such a type of race but not gonna lie this looks good, getting into the rest of Cata to level some other chars to 85 before release of this then, and god no auto-attack!? Finally an interesting PvE class, it seems aswell, looking forward to this.



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