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Published on October 14th, 2011 | by Brandon


Extra Life Live Stream Information

>Well guys, this is it. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  The Extra Life marathon starts TONIGHT!  See below for all the links to participants who will be streaming throughout the event.

Make sure to follow @KBMODGaming on Twitter to get live updates throughout the marathon (we’ll also be updating this post periodically for you non-Twitterers).  We hope you’ll join us for some TF2, CoD4, CS:S, and who knows what else!

Click here to donate to the KBMOD Extra Life team
Click here for the main KBMOD live stream

Click below for individual participant live streams (all times listed are EST):
Bob (bpost34): 10:00pm Friday – 10:00am Saturday, 9:00pm Saturday – 9:00am Sunday
Brandon (vol1tion): 10:00pm Friday – 10:00pm Saturday
Dan (Nipnops): 10:00pm Friday – 10:00pm Saturday
John (Synwyn/essindees): 4:00am Saturday – 4:00am Sunday
Scott (Aplfisher): 10:30pm Friday – 10:30pm Saturday

afuriouspuppy: 8:00pm Friday – 8:00pm Saturday
Christian Gregory (itzglass): 8:00pm Friday – 8:00pm Saturday
Dylan (theHitmarker): 1:00pm Saturday – 1:00pm Sunday
Garrett Ellis (Wulfie): 2:00am Saturday – 2:00am Sunday
Jack Wakeham (Wackeyz): 2:00pm Saturday – 2:00pm Sunday
Jared Rose (Kyaizen): 3:00am Saturday – 3:00am Sunday
Jason Rapp (Bizznichw): 9:00pm Friday – 9:00pm Saturday
Joe Rodriguez (Joerod): 12:00am Saturday – 12:00am Sunday
Kyle Duncan (coppert4nk): 3:00am Saturday – 3:00am Sunday
Lozo Edwards (Lozo115): 9:00am Saturday – 9:00am Sunday
Mark Miguel (NikonPunch): 3:00am Saturday – 3:00am Sunday
Mike Pawlak (NuketownN00b): 8:00am Saturday – 8:00am Sunday
Mredishblue: 6:00pm Friday – 6:00pm Saturday
Nick Fenton (NFEN): 8:00am Saturday – 8:00am Sunday
Nick Jenkins (BlackLightAttack): 8:00am Saturday – 8:00am Sunday
Stephen Squires (Stevie Pajamas)
If you’re participating on the KBMOD team and your info is missing or incorrect, tweet at us and we’ll fix it.


4 Responses to Extra Life Live Stream Information

  1. Fargo says:


    Good luck out there.

  2. dubzy says:

    >Very nice I'll definitely watch as much as I can. Hopefully we could see some RTS games from you guys!

  3. Kyaizen says:

    >@dubzy I'll definitely try to. My computer is shit but if I can I'll do as many as I can. Would love to do some LoL and SC2

  4. penguin man says:

    >why is there 4 streams at the same time :/ i want to watch you all..



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