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Published on October 31st, 2011 | by Dan


>Planetside 2 Leveling System Detailed

>We are pretty excited about all the Free-to-play games coming out for the PC, but Planetside 2 is a different breed being an MMOFPS.  The game has a lot it will have to do right to stay relevant in the face of the plethora of F2P and of course Blizzard’s new MMO Project Titan (coming who knows when).

Today, creative Director Matt Higby sat down with PCGamer to talk about the leveling and class systems in Planetside 2.  He had a lot of promising things to say about the game.  You won’t be locked into a class whatsoever.  That will be changable in TF2 style, through a menu before you respawn.  You can even change during the battle at stations.  Loadouts will also be fluid to suit play styles or the way a battle is going.

Leveling will be done in a similar fashion to EVE online.  Everything will be time based, and those timers run even if you are offline, so that will be less grind oriented than it sounds.  You use certificates to level skills and these have timers.  I am guessing you can only learn limited certificates at one time.  This means no grinding for levels in the true sense of it.  A welcome change in most people’s mind.

Higby also detailed a couple of the classes, the Infiltrator and Engineer.  The Infiltrator is akin to the TF2 Spy.  He can sabotage, assassinate and more around undetected by sensors and turrets.  You can also play him as a sniper type class.  The Engineer is like, well, the TF2 engineer.  He can place turrets and sensors, also make barriers to wall off fortresses and parts of the battlefield.  However, he can also place ammo and/or health packs.

Overall it is sounding good, we will try to get in whenever a beta is available to give you some exclusive footage and details!

Check out the full interview and links to a preview of the game from PCGamer.

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