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Published on October 6th, 2011 | by Dan


>RAGE Solutions from Bethesda

>Bethesda has put out some tired but possibly useful lines for those users still experiencing screen tearing, flickering and texture popping. See their post here.

ATI/AMD card users update to the newest Catalysts.
Nvidia users update to the latest BETA drivers, not the stable release.
Finally Bethesda and id are working on a massive update to correct all the issues. I have faith that they will. I wish they’d gotten it right, but id will fix it, rest assured.
In the meantime, we posted some more in-depth fixes for ATI users from our friend Sage.


9 Responses to >RAGE Solutions from Bethesda

  1. Beans says:

    >I can't finish rage because at this one part the game keeps crashing over and over and i can't save QQ

  2. Disconsented says:

    >Steve Jobs would have been nothing if not for his partner if not for Steve Wozniak and vise versa

  3. bpost says:

    >I'm probably going to rage if I hear about one more product that Steve Jobs created all by himself without anyones help.

    Here's a short blip on Steve Jobs that I hope will satisfy you without feeding the trolls:

    Steve Jobs was an amazing business leader and salesman. He had a unique charisma about him and was well respected within the industry. His contributions (direct, and by surrounding himself with extremely talented people) are impressive and will have a lasting impact on technology as we know it, forever. We collectively wish his family the best for their personal loss.

  4. DrDinero says:

    >Yeah I guess that makes sense but he did make the first successful PC which housed a lot of the first PC games such as Castle Wolfenstein

  5. derp says:

    >none of the fixes worked, guess im gonna spend my night fapping

  6. vol1tion says:


    The reason for us not covering Steve Jobs's death has nothing to do with a resentment of Apple. I'm assuming (and hoping) most of our readership comes here for news about PC gaming. As such, we strive to keep our content interesting to you as a PC gamer. Jobs's passing is not particularly relevant to PC gaming, so we haven't written an article about it. There are many great sites out there (Ars Technica, Wired, etc.) for general technology news, all of which have that story covered more than adequately.

  7. derp says:

    >hey im not glad(kinda) that Jeve Stobs died but im not sad either, but on to more pressing matters i will try those fixes immediately

  8. John says:

    >Because we're obligated to express our emotions on things that aren't gaming related, right?

  9. DrDinero says:

    >I know that there is a general resentment of apple products on this website but to not mention Steve Jobs passing is plain rude, he brought the first commercially successful PC, the apple 2 (before the IBM PC). He also created the first commercially successful GUI interface (the apple Lisa's system 1-before Windows). Even if you prefer one over the other, the impact the this man has made is inconceivably obvious.



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