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Published on November 7th, 2011 | by Alex


The Basement Just Got Nicer

What constitutes a dream? Is it quantifiable or intangible? Is it stronger than a wish, a want or a desire? Can it be a few video game enthusiasts casually discussing on GChat a PC gaming exclusive blog aimed at creating and nurturing a strong and dedicated community while bringing the latest news on software, hardware and releases? While discussing, did they think that in just six short months their concept would be bringing in a steady 100,000 hits a month? Did they think they’d have a successful podcast bearing their name? Did they think they’d be speaking and interacting with developers? Reviewing products? Opening forums? Managing game servers? Selling shirts? Representing themselves at gaming conventions? Raising over $33,000 for children’s charity? Did they think they’d have to upgrade their hosting to handle the traffic after re-launching with a smoother, cleaner and independent new interface? Did they think that at the time of inception their concept was strong enough to catch fire and forged from the stuff that defines a dream? Well if they didn’t then, they do now.

Keyboard + Mouse or Die is a weird mix. While the timeline of its successes sounds like a made-for-TV sequel to The Social Network, there’s another very different story behind-the-scenes. The one where all the staff members that write for this blog love talking about penises. The one where all of the staff members that write for this blog love trolling each other. The one where all the staff members that write for this blog play video games not for the money, but for the enjoyment it still brings them. KBMOD mixes the astonishing success a humble idea can achieve, achieved in large part from the fun a group of people can have building a seriously dedicated community. Nobody here takes themselves too seriously, that was never the goal and a big reason why we’ve been able to accomplish what we have so far. But stepping back from all the fun every once and a while it’s unbelievable to imagine all this spawned from a simple catch-phrase.

KBMOD was started from the basement. Literally. From the basement of dedicated individuals that received no compensation for their hours of hard work, KBMOD is now what you see today. And what you see today is the product of your involvement. Our hard work is simply an attempt to mirror your vehement support. Being a part of something from the ground floor can be exciting, being a part of something you have a hand in shaping everyday can be defining. So troll our forums, listen to our podcast, read our articles, drop a comment, take or leave our recommendations, follow us on Twitter, rep our tag, play in our servers and disable ad block on our site (haha…but seriously). Being actively involved in something you helped build is all we could ever ask for. This is my personal welcome to KBMOD 2.0, and my thank you for supporting KBMOD.

The basement has been getting bigger, and it just got a lot nicer too.


21 Responses to The Basement Just Got Nicer

  1. Dick McBrohanson says:

    Jesus Christ Alex. Pull a god damn Morgan Freeman out of your ass.
    Your voice just inspired me to feed homeless people, and donate to starving kids in third world countries.

  2. MrMattyMouse MrMattyMouse says:

    Thse site, and more importantly this community, has become a very big deal to myself and I’m sure many others.
    Every day when I wake up the first thing I do is check the site, an I hate that there are no posts on weekends because I can’t get my daily KBMOD fix.
    I sold my console and went straight forward with PC only because of this site and its community of bros. I try to convert other console gaming friends to PC to also be a part of this community I enjoy so much.

    Long story short, I sincerely thank everyone who has put so much time, effort and love into this site and connunity of awesome bros. It has impacted my life and now I’m trying to make it impact others.
    Now who wants to nighthawk? =)

  3. Player One says:

    But what about the people living in attics rather than basements?

  4. Wheelzz says:

    Great post. I have been a supporter since the start and I knew this day would come!


  5. Suicidal_Noodle says:

    There’s been countless amounts of time when i’d spend hours on KBMOD inside and outside school, it’s a big part of my day. You guys are awesome, i mean, where else would i go to get the most recent news as well as console trolling? I’m glad you’ve came this far. Congratulations, you all deserve it.

  6. joga131 says:

    Best gaming community out there
    Very rarely do you see a community come together like KBMOD has and help charities. Even more rarely do you see it done out of the good of hearts and not for personal gain.
    <3 you bros and keep up the great work

  7. BiP0LAR_B3AR says:

    Just wanted to say congratulations on the success of the site, and the community as a whole. And to the guy that called you pricks, these guys are far from that. You obviously weren’t around to see the success of the extra life charity event. These guys have jobs and families and do this for the love of gaming, and if they make a little extra money along the way , then more power to them. Keep up the great work guys and again, Congratulations!

  8. ASoggySandal says:

    Good jobs bros. Glad to be a part of the movement!

  9. DamnedNiggar says:

    i get like two ads that i cant even notice since they are like 200×200
    so no problems on this side

  10. Chamca says:

    Great post

  11. RoryGreen says:

    Well said. Here, have some cookies.

  12. theIMatty says:

    amen pvtF4ggit <3

  13. bpost34 says:

    Love that will not betray you dismay you or enslave you – it will set you free – be more like the man you were made to be.

    • TehFishOfDoom says:

      There is a design, an alignment to cry, of my heart to see
      the beauty of love, as it was made to be.

      • bpost34 says:

        I think they wrote this song abouit kbmod2.0

        • TehFishOfDoom says:

          I think an earlier version of the chorus from “The Cave” provides evidence for this.

          And I will hold on hope
          And I won’t let you choke
          On the peen that’s down your throat

  14. bpost34 says:

    Actually it’s more about the site paying for itself, and paying for community projects like the vent server, game servers (present and future) and other future surprises. Thanks for your helpful input.

  15. TPolly says:

    I don’t always read blogs and or news on the internet, But when I do…
    (whispers) Keyboard and Mouse Or Die @ KBMOD.com, go there, dicks.

  16. TehFishOfDoom says:

    You don’t post often, but when you do, I imagine awkward anal sex.
    Because that shit is penetrating.

  17. Aplfisher says:

    Well said. Now touch me where the sun don’t shine.



Title: Absentee Staff Member About: Alex is a proud Rhodes Scholar currently living in his vehicle, a 1993 Toyota Camry, so that he may be closer to the rhode. As an avid cinemagoer, often he will go for six or seven hours at a time playing air hockey with unattended minors in the arcade without ever actually seeing a film, before returning home to his Camry. On weekends he dresses himself up as a Little Sister from his favourite video game BioShock before attending Bear and Twink Conventions in search of his Big Daddy. Currently runs the KBMOD YouTube Channel.

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