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Published on January 19th, 2012 | by Dan


Dear Esther Trailer Shows Stunning Visuals

Dear Esther began as a humble Source mod a few years ago and has now been remade in the newest iteration of the Source engine. The game doesn’t have NPCs, fighting, or true puzzles; rather, the game revolves around the story itself: an island, a letter, and finding clues to solve the mystery. Blurring the lines between game and art, Dear Esther has already garnered four award nominations at the upcoming Independent Games Festival, and deservedly so.

What is most stunning is that this game is on the Source engine. I mean, just look at the video above. Indie developer thechineseroom has done some wonderful things with the graphics in Dear Esther, as the environment is simply stunning. This is about as good as the Source engine can look.

If you are interested in gaming off the beaten path, Dear Esther will be available on February 14 on Steam. No word on price yet.

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6 Responses to Dear Esther Trailer Shows Stunning Visuals

  1. triiggernometry says:

    Price has been announced: $9.99, £6.99 or €7.99

  2. DamnedNiggar says:

    I can masturbate to this

  3. Akaitenshi says:

    Arg, so many games I want to play coming out, the Darkness II, Bioshock infinite, this.. tribes, blacklight, on top of the games I’m playing.. When will there ever be time for school I ask myself 0.o

  4. jackkspro says:

    Dear Esther, thanks for giving me a date for valentines day.

    • Dan nipnops says:

      well played

      • Wheelzz says:

        Game looks great. Hoping its only like $30 because I need to save money. I really want to be able to buy a new mobo and i5 3550K when they come out. Are you going to go with 1155 or lga 2011 with your 3550K Dan?



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