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Published on January 27th, 2012 | by Dan


KBMOD Game Night Tonight!

KBMOD is throwing a game night tonight!  Come out and play with KBMOD contributors and community members!

Now, we need your help to decide what games we should play. Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty 4, Minecraft? Post in the comments what you’d like to play, and we’ll try to come to some sort of consensus. (Keep in mind, we can always switch games as the night goes on.)

We will be coordinating through Steam group chat, as well as our Ventrilo server:

  • To access Steam group chat, navigate to the KBMOD Steam group, then click “Enter chat room” in the Actions pane on the right-hand side.
  • To access the KBMOD Ventrilo, you can find the server information posted in the Steam group as well. The server may reach capacity quickly, so if you can’t join, we ask that you be patient and just join the Steam group chat room.

All the action will start around 9:00pm EST tonight. Hope to see you there!

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44 Responses to KBMOD Game Night Tonight!

  1. xxForrest Gump says:


  2. Callum says:

    Missed it :(
    Forever alone…

  3. Rab says:

    Quake live!
    It’s free to play, and even bros with bad PC’s can join in too!

  4. WhosZach says:

    Why you no stream that shit?

  5. KELSIPHER says:

    Doesn’t matter to me. I’m just here for the dicks

  6. Spyrunite says:

    TF2 for me!

  7. Vinyl says:

    Team Fortress 2 or Call of Duty 4. tf2tf2tf2tf2.

  8. bringtherain says:

    Cod 4 and Gmod!

  9. MrMrAwesom says:

    Why not cod 2?

  10. FiiBeR says:

    fill up a empty 64 man BF3 server? also tf2 would be cool and some bromod even though ill have terrible ping anyone streaming dat shit?

  11. mrwhiteboy60 says:

    COD 4 ALL THE WAY!!!

  12. Jah says:

    MineSweeper Scrims

  13. wintagreen says:

    Garry’s Mod would be fun, as well as Quake Live. Oh, and Quake Live. Yes, Quake Live, please.

  14. CherryBroskee says:

    Garry’s Mod cause i fuck orange people.

  15. sprattde says:

    definitely tf2, everyone has it

  16. TagsWithScope says:

    Hello Kitty obviously

  17. TrippingBowser says:

    I have admin for a 32 player CS:S Gun Game server if you guys want to play part of the game night on it. Just send me a message on twitter if your interested.

  18. sNAR says:

    counter strike source is my vote

  19. blairtron says:

    COD4 Promod snipers
    Garry’s Mod (make dicks from ALL THE THINGS)

  20. KhakiSlacks says:

    TF2 is my vote.

  21. ScumbagDom says:

    CoD4, TF2, CS:S, and I would really like to see Quake Live mixed in. Maybe on the side whilst other games are going on.

  22. Jonathan Beck hexidecimal says:

    My vote is on TF2. Everyone has it, huge servers are possible, fun times had by all!

  23. Dowdow says:

    Cod4, CSS and minecraft?

  24. TimJB says:

    definitely go and clog up a wow server with gnomes

  25. TimJB says:

    definitely go and clog up a wow server

  26. adammurrayXD says:

    Goddamnit I’m staying in a shiity motel as im competing at nationals tomorrow. I would much rather be at home playing with my fav broskiss ;(

  27. TheCaNin3 says:

    i think that’s 11am in Australia, correct me if i’m wrong. promod, tribes (?), css, tf2.
    200 ping but mehh.

  28. TrippingBowser says:

    Well I think that we will need to play multiple games simultaneously because there are going to be a lot of people looking to play. The games I am interested in playing are CS:S reg/gun game, cod4 reg/promod, bf3, tf2, and tribes ascend. Will any bros stream this event for those who aren’t able to join up?

  29. killerkin103 says:

    i would say quake live but if john is playing no one would have fun, tf2 is good cause everyone has it, CS:S is a good idea but the trolling would be less fun with no APL, blacklight would be good but not everyone has it and servers were buggy yesterday, tribes ive heard is tough to set up games, minecraft is good but doesnt appeal to all, my opinion is tf2 is best option

  30. Reclaimer says:

    Dat Bromod!

  31. Dan nipnops says:

    TF2 is such a winner bros. F2p, everyone has it and I haven’t played in a while. Keep the suggestions coming!

  32. Coleg32 says:

    Giant tribes orgy

  33. Saint says:

    Quake Live, TF2, Tribes?

  34. Magnusmistro says:

    Can we play some sims 2? I have the pets expansion so we can have multiplayer.

  35. Trikay says:

    Counter Strike: Source or CoD4 Promod.

  36. Left4Raptor says:

    Maybe some League of Legends or Dota 2?

    • Dan nipnops says:

      With 30-40 people? Not really feasible.

      • Senones says:

        Could see there being a fair amount more than 30-40 people Dan, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

        My vote would go to TF2, or maybe some Tribes:Ascend & CS:S, 2 games I am shockingly bad at.

  37. Wittyyyy says:

    CoD4 Promod, CS:S, Blacklight Retribution, Minecraft, WoW, or AlterIW.

  38. Jarsh says:

    Perhaps some Counter-Strike: Source?



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