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Bro Cave: razrcrux


This week, we have a bro cave from forum member razrcrux. What can I say, I’m a sucker for the 600T.

CPU: Intel Core i7 950 @ 3.8GHz
Mobo: GA-X58-USB3 (rev. 1.0)
RAM: 6GB Corsair XMS3
GPU: Palit GTX 460 OC edition
PSU: Corsair AX 750W
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100
Case: Corsair 600T white
Headset: Corsair HS1 USB
Keyboard: Microsoft Sidewinder x4
Mouse: Razer Deathadder
Mousepad: Razer Goliathus (speed)

So yeah, this is my basic setup. There are a few things I want to change, namely the graphics card and RAM, since mine are a bit dated when it comes to playing newer games.

I have 2 screens set up. One is a 24″ Asus LED and the other is a crappy old DGM 22″. I want to upgrade to a second Asus at some point soon, probably when I get a new graphics card. I still have my Xbox and TV set up (consololol), mainly because I like playing indie games on there and talking to my mates, as well as using Netflix, which just came over here to the UK recently. The mic is a Blue Yeti, and it’s a beast. I use it for music stuff because I play the guitar and ukulele. I also have a little M-Audio MIDI keyboard on there too, just to mess around with.

I only use the SteelSeries mouse pad as a place mat for drinks and things, because after I bought it, I realised it was too small to actually use.

So yeah, what do you think? I’m really happy with it. This is the first computer I’ve ever built, so I think I did a pretty alright job. As I said, there are things that need upgrading soon, but I’m not rich enough to do it now. :P


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  • Awesome cave bro. Quick question: I got the Razer Vespula and it has been scratched up a whole lot by my Deathadder. Is the Goliathus any good? I’ve always liked that kind of mousepad. My vespula is ruined now and I’m probably going to buy a Goliathus and just wanted to hear an opinion from a bro.

  • WhosZach

    What are your temps in that 600t, any complaints?

  • razrcrux

    @Syrex – I personally really like the goliathus, i did try out the control edition which I wouldn’t recommend, but the speed edition is really nice. I’m not a fan of hard mouse mats,and I’ve tried quite a few soft ones now, and the goliathus is by far my favourite.

    @WhosZach – I love the 600T! My temps are nopt to bad, im away from home at the moment so I can’t check exactly, but iirc they were around 40-50 degrees celcius at full load, but then again I haven’t really got a high overclock on or anything.

    Thanks bros!

  • murdergames

    i am looking for a good headset is the Corsair HS1 USB any good?

  • razrcrux

    It’s alright, for the price I paid for it I can’t complain but for the full price of it I would probably get a steelseries siberia v2 or something.

  • Noobermensch

    I see you prefer Corsair over G Skill.

    • razrcrux

      Yeah haha, I got this ram in a deal so it was quite a good price at the time, gonna change ram soon though, so I might give G Skill a try, I think im gonna go for 24gb.

  • Akaitenshi

    You might wanna paint over your desk because in the dark that looked so fucking awesome!
    Also still looking for a mouse pad.. this one is 10x20cm or something and curling up at the edges quite bad.. Can’t expect much from a mousepad I bought at the supermarket in France though..

    • razrcrux

      Not sure what you mean about painting over my desk dude? But yeah I would recommend this mousepad, its like £12 here and it really is awesome! :)

  • TagsWithScope

    I spy with my little eyes…a big fat console

    • razrcrux

      Shh! Its for netflix and stuff! haha, and I like the indie games on xbox too. :)

  • jackkspro

    very nice. I have the black corsair 600t. I took out the upper cage and put it in the middle…then removed the bottom cage for EXTREME AIRFLOW! pics here

  • DonkeySlayer

    oh just wait til you see my 600t build in progress :D

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