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Published on February 8th, 2012 | by Brandon


KBMOD Podcast – Episode 28 (Featuring @PCPartPicker)

You are in for a treat as we have not one, but two exciting guests on the podcast this week: KBMOD contributor Jon (a.k.a. Hexidecimal) and Philip Carmichael, the creator of PCPartPicker.com! We talk to Philip about what PCPartPicker does, what spurred him to create it, and the exciting plans he has in store for the site over the coming months. We also tackle the Nvidia 600 series spec leaks, big changes for Tribes: Ascend, the release of the Skyrim creation kit, and more! We finish up with a roundtable discussion on classic games we’d love to see revived and hit some of your best Twitter questions. Enjoy!

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8 Responses to KBMOD Podcast – Episode 28 (Featuring @PCPartPicker)

  1. bradzab1123 says:

    The Download link is Episode 27.

  2. TagsWithScope says:

    I was told that I should go to Dell.com instead

  3. OGAgent says:

    I usually take 2 or three sit downs to listen to these as I listen during school usually and was wondering if it would be possible to put the exact time on the embedded player so that when I move to my next class I can pick up in the exact same spot, thanks.

  4. MFoRMiLLeR says:

    Hey bros.Touching on the discussion on game back in the day did you ever play this game

    So many memories on the PS1 back in the day

  5. Foxy Grandpa says:

    “Alex, you will be doing all the intros from now on” -Scott

    Isn’t on podcast for a month



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