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KBMOD Podcast – Episode 30

This week, John rejoins the podcast after completing a cross-country move to California. We recap last week’s awesome game night, Double Fine blowing up Kickstarter, the utter craziness that will be Orion: Dino Beatdown, epic large-scale PvP coming to Guild Wars 2, and more! We key off of one of your suggestions for the roundtable this week as we discuss the impact social media is having on the PC gaming scene, and we finish up with your spontaneously delightful Twitter questions. Enjoy!

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14 Responses to KBMOD Podcast – Episode 30

  1. Tobli says:

    I think the snap judgement on smnc was a bit harsh. To me it is the most enjoyable beta that i’m currently in, but then again the only issues I’ve experiences are a couple of crashes.

  2. ryankapsar says:

    Just want to leave some comments about Kickstarter. In Sundance film festival several movies were funded using this method. Additionally, there is a law going through in congress that is pretty cool. It will allow crowdsource based projects to sell shares in companies in a manner closer to Venture Capital than the current model. So, I think there could be some really interesting projects and ideas coming through soon on websites like Kickstarter.
    Good episode dude.

  3. HenrikMrkved says:

    The girlfriend of a guy I know is in the same class as me, so once he sent me a text asking “Where`s your class? Is dota there?” and my brain instantly thought defense of the ancients. He was referring to Dorotha, his girlfriend. When I explained my thought process upon reading the text he laughed quite a bit.

  4. Trikay says:

    And yes, tons of spellings and grammar problems in that comment but I am mad.

  5. Trikay says:

    Thanks KBMOD for calling SMNC shit :D I love people who a ton of people listen to that go out and call a game shit when you have barely played it. Are you going to bash CoD next podcast too? Hopefully, you’ve done it every podcast until now.

    Please readers of KBMOD. SMNC requires a very specific skill set that the people who played it on this podcast obviously doesn’t have. It’s in my opinion starting to look like the best multiplayer in a ton of years. The game requires a ton of skill and insanely good team work. The learning curve just seems to be too big to a lot of people.

    • Brandon vol1tion says:

      Please don’t say “KBMOD” feels a certain way when, for instance, I haven’t yet played SMNC, so I don’t currently have any opinion on it. I’ve heard that it’s currently very buggy (which is to be expected of a beta), so I’ll reserve my judgment for when the game is in a more complete state.

      • Trikay says:

        I get that. At the same time, you’re all representing a “brand” and when someone who is a important person says that something is shit and nobody plays devil’s advocate then the brand will be known as having that opinion.

        For the SMNC beta itself; It’s not “very” buggy but yeah, wait until it comes out. A lot of people who are joining it atm will get totally annihilated because there really isn’t any good matchmaking atm.

  6. genesis35 says:

    pre buying a game makes sense. it is done with large buildings, people buy floorspace before completion and that funds the project

  7. Syrex says:

    Nevr 5get whitney. RIP nigga.
    Sorry for killing all ur ears with the monkey noises BTW.

  8. AsianHopz says:

    Damn that was quick, just got home from school.

  9. slfan68 says:

    Heh, used my roundtable topic. Awesome.

  10. Fleinsopp says:

    You can still buy Urge (or Surge if you prefer the incorrect american name) in Norway, and only in Norway.

  11. MFoRMiLLeR says:

    My internet connection is so good.It’s going to take me 2 hours to download this podcast :’O

  12. Mashfield says:

    Time to play BF3 and listen to the podcast! I can’t believe it’s episode 30 already…



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