Published on March 7th, 2012 | by Brandon


KBMOD Podcast – Episode 32

Another week, another exciting KBMOD Podcast! This week, we offer to throw all our money at any game with sharks or dinosaurs in it. (Seriously though, wouldn’t you?) In the news this week, we discuss Hawken‘s huge funding windfall, a potential remake of Baldur’s Gate, the prospect of a new SimCity, Max Payne 3 looking ready for primetime on the PC, and more. The roundtable discussion centers on Valve’s rumored “Steam Box” console, and we speculate about what Valve would need to do to make such hardware a success. As always, we end with your fantastically inquisitive Twitter questions. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to KBMOD Podcast – Episode 32

  1. SRVisG0D says:

    Good podcast bros. Dan… See you on Blacklight!

  2. MFoRMiLLeR says:

    Rofl Terminator 2 was actually my Favourite movie as a child.I cried everytime when Arnold went slowly into that lava pit thing. The music and the thumb :'(.Oh and i felt the same way about Pocahontas.Didn’t even though what masturbation was but damn.The things i would do to her.brbgoingongoogleimagesbelike2minutes

  3. LtwoK says:

    “I didn’t even know what boning was, but damn i just wanted to bone Pocahontas.” Hardest i’ve laughed in weeks

  4. Aggh says:

    Don’t know when you guys recorded this, but prices were dropped after the first patch ( a couple days after the obt started). Timed prices for recievers were more than halved in some cases iirc. They also made camo a permanent purchase. They were kind of arbitrary on the drops in prices though. Armor is still ~$10 a piece in zen. Special ammo still doesn’t have a permanent price and has a 3k gp price.



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