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KBMOD Podcast – Episode 34

The podcast crew is in rare form this week, as Scott makes his return. We talk Guild Wars 2 pre-order packages, Diablo III‘s official release date, the new Portal 2 puzzle creator, Gearbox showing PC players some love, SimCity‘s brilliant Glassbox engine demo, and more! In the roundtable discussion, we delve into the topic of game difficulty and how it has changed over the years for both single-player and multiplayer experiences. We naturally end with your captivating Twitter questions. Enjoy!

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6 Responses to KBMOD Podcast – Episode 34

  1. ricopikosuave says:

    Rita Rudner is the funniest female comedian in the world.

  2. PinkStahli says:

    But isn’t the CS GO beta, exactly that? A beta? Its in testing, valve wants this game be competitive, and it will be, they will fix it for pc. Its their own platform. The will make a good game, but its in beta, you cant judge a game for beta, you just can’t. They say they want console sales, and that’s fine, but it means that we need to be patient for Valve to make this game what we are expecting. PC gamers want what we want now, but we need to wait. A beta is a pre release version, maybe valve is having issues making the guns aim well, and issues based on balance. We don’t know. There is no way that Valve will release a bad game. But it isn’t released.
    Also, Dan what are you talking about, MW3 and BF3 have difficulty, and they are hard on the harder difficulty. The Halo games are hard, Valves Dota 2 is hard, Super MNC is fairly hard.
    Its the sad thing that companies are in it for the money, but its true. But the demographic of people who would even play CS: GO? The 1.6 players are dug in, they won’t move on. The Source players might play it, but I think a new community is going to play it at such a high level. The reason CS GO isn’t as refined as CS:S is because its barley over a year in development. Wait, hold you turkeys until the game is out.
    Well, time to stop being an asshole, and go pick up my 680 and melt my shitty hp case.
    Give CS:GO a chance.

    • Aplfisher says:

      I don’t think any of us at any point in the cast said we were giving up on CSGO. We simply were pointing out real serious problems the game has. If this game is going to be released in summer there is a hell of a lot that has to change to make it even remotely competitive. At the end of the day, this version of CS is trying to rope in a new audience – like you said. However – the cost of that, in most cases, is making the game easier. It’s just a reality. That’s not to say the game won’t be tweaked to the point where it can be a good competitive game (that’s the hope) but we need to prepare ourselves for the possibility of that never happening.

      • PinkStahli says:

        I wasn’t disagreeing with you. More so the competitive player. The game will be easier, but not for competitive play.

  3. xShamuss says:


  4. Dalesy says:

    Lol “Nos with Nas.”



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