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Published on March 20th, 2012 | by Dan


SimCity’s Glassbox Engine Shown Off in Jaw-Dropping Demo


We recently detailed some of the amazing features of the upcoming SimCity‘s new Glassbox engine. Now, we get to see it in action. The demo above shows how every visual cue is a 1:1 simulation of what is actually happening in the city. Glassbox can handle tens of thousands of individual simulations at once to bring you the most accurate data possible about your metropolis. We were already excited for this game, but the level of detail and simulation power shown in this demo brings it to a whole new level. 2013 cannot get here fast enough!

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  • jackkspro

    EA will fuck this. Mark my word…already with the $80 special edition for 3 city sets on the origin pre order page.

  • killerkin103

    i may not know anything about game engines but this looks more impressive than any other game engine dev video i have seen

  • Looks like they took a few cues from Tropico. I’m interested, but really Origin?

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