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Published on April 20th, 2012 | by Dan


KBMOD Game Night! April 27th, 9PM EST


It’s that time again! We are having another community game night. Come hang out with KBMOD contributors and readers.

Last month, we played Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty 4Counter Strike: Source, Killing Floor, Blacklight: Retribution and Tribes: Ascend! This time we could possibly add some Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Orion: Dino Beatdown or other games. These all work well, but let us know in the comments if there are any other games that are accessible to large groups, and we can maybe try those. We can always switch games as the night goes on!

We will be coordinating through Steam group chat, as well as our Ventrilo server:

  • To access Steam group chat, navigate to the KBMOD Steam group, then click “Enter chat room” in the Actions pane on the right-hand side.
  • To access the KBMOD Ventrilo, you can find the server information posted in the Steam group as well. The server may reach capacity quickly, so if you can’t join, we ask that you be patient and just join the Steam group chat room.

So come out and enjoy yourself! All the action will start around 9:00PM EST. We hope to see you there!

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12 Responses to KBMOD Game Night! April 27th, 9PM EST

  1. theseventyx7x says:

    Let’s play RUNESCAPE. It’s F2P

  2. Duck says:

    What about Brink.

  3. Set-ItToWumbo says:

    CS 1.6

  4. Let’s play Battlelog.

  5. jrashtian says:


  6. jrashtian says:

    ricochet or serious sam hd: tse

  7. MrBop says:

    well fuck me, that’s the day of my sister’s graduation party.. gonna be away from the computer all day/night.

  8. jdog005 says:

    damn ill be at busch gardens ridin coasters. oh well

  9. Dreelo says:

    Will it be regular cod 4 or will it be promod

  10. partialnudity says:

    Game night on my motherfucking birthday. I love you guys.



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