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KBMOD Podcast – Episode 41

Episode 41 is here and better than ever! John was busy being famous and important this week, but we soldier on without him and bring in Mark a.k.a. NikonPunch to fill the void. In what we’re playing this week, Super Monday Night Combat takes the main focus as Scott tells us of his recent frustrations with the game. The news delves into the jaw-dropping Reset trailer, the announcements of The Elder Scrolls Online and Company of Heroes 2, Diablo III’s ridiculous difficulty scaling, and more! Our mini roundtable this week covers the provocative statement from Firefall’s Mark Kern that console gaming is dead. Lastly, we almost go off the rails as hilarity ensues in this week’s extended Twitter questions segment. Enjoy!

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19 Responses to KBMOD Podcast – Episode 41

  1. Wheelzz says:

    6 foot 20 fucking killing for fun! Great podcast guys as always!

  2. kotbuuki says:

    you guys should get CaptainSparklez on one of these.

  3. Gatman94 says:

    Cow tongue is normal when your Mexican.

  4. Salty Nipples says:

    >saves children, but not British children

  5. bradzab1123 says:

    Oh god, I’ve never laughed so hard. By the way Scott, your better on Inbox than Hutch.

  6. Pandahkiin says:

    40 minutes of twittar I am in love.

  7. MrBop says:

    Nick’s the liver and i’m the arm constantly pouring drinks down my throat. Fuck you Nick Fenton. FiveEver!

  8. BTierK2 says:

    Well, I’ve been in matches that my team didn’t get the annihilator at, but my team still wins the game in the end, it’s a matter of communication, avoiding death, the minute the enemy get the annihilator, just spawn the bots for $500 as quick as you can, spawn both sides. The key to winning is to kill as many bots as you can, and avoid dying as much as possible, if you go 0-3 in like 3 minutes or less, that will carry on the rest of the game. And make sure you guys know who to pick, having 2 healers can be good. And on another note, I don’t mind playing with APL and the rest of the guys.

  9. Saint says:

    Oh man, that intro. 20 seconds in and I’m already dying. This is going to be a good one.

  10. salomdi says:

    what trikay said is more or less right, assassin is an amazing character for destroying new players, but against experienced players she cant do much at all. veteran is easy to counter, if you bother to pay attention to his location (provided its not hobo with a shotgun focusing solely you xD). megabeth is a fairly good carry class, but assault and cheston are better carries, also aim doesnt really matter for certain classes. it helps, but its not the be all end all. positioning and thinking are much more important. also, on top of that annihilator point, the annihilator comes up for the first time at 5 min into the game, and once every 5 min after the last one was activated. you can use this to time your bot spawns, but you need to make sure that regardless of the annihilator outcome you spawn bot waves.

    also, the $4000 bots arent that good, buy a juice and two $500 bot waves instead. its cheaper and is more effective.

    we should probably play some custom matches together sometime this weekend!

  11. Trikay says:

    SMNC does have balance issues. You didn’t mention a single one of them tho. Issues atm are mostly Spark and Gunslinger. Megabeth needs some tweaking but not a nerf.

    Assassin is not unbalanced, quite the opposite, she might get a buff because she’s useless against above average players. Same for Wascot.

    Megabeth also needs a buff. She’s not really viable in comp matches either. Her rockets do a bit too much damage.

    Veteran is really easy to not get pulled by, just play smart and always pay attention to him.

    If you don’t get anni = Spawn bots, stay togheter and do a heavy push on 1 lane while tagging the right one to gain a level advantage.

    SMNC is about thinking, don’t treat it like a shooter because it’s nothing like that. I have beaten some of the best teams in the game while they were getting every anni. Some team compositions are just better for anni fights.

    Here’s what happened to you guys = Your rank went up so the game started matching you against tougher players. One common thing in SMNC is that most of the best players (I’d say the top 100-200) play in teams ALWAYS.

    • Aplfisher says:

      Fair enough. I will admit, due to my solid win/loss initially, we were no doubt getting beat up by really good parties and teams. However – there is no question character balance is a serious issue and whether or not it’s those exact characters we mentioned or others (which is still a matter of opinion) it’s something that needs addressing.

      What about our point on the Annihilator? I stand by what we discussed; making it appear less often, cost more, and take longer to activate.
      What are your thoughts on that?

      • salomdi says:

        making it appear less often gives the losing team less chances to turn the game around provided they have good teamwork.

        costing more wouldnt be a good idea, since it would prolong the stagnant passive play at the beginning of the match in order to gain enough cash via bots. possibly making it cost more each time its activated may be a good idea, but its not really needed.

        taking longer to activate would spell a death sentance to light classes, since if you are paying attention to its timer you should be down there with 30s to go in order to defend from the enemy team and claim for yourself. once you are down there, you should be able to have a lot of oppurtunities to interupt the activation (tank charge to charge them off, get one of your commandos to grapple off, veteran to klaw/grapple off, cheston rampage, gunner slam/rocket, megabeth disku/whirling dirbish, assault bomb/charge, support overclock airstrike, karl prop hop/stun, sniper and gunslinger can easily headshot the enemy who is taking it for massive damage and kill them before they can activate it, ect.)

        • krunch says:

          in theory, the annihilator is a good idea to help the losing team turn things around, but in practice, the team thats winning and therefore buffed is the one thats going to grab it 90% of the time, which makes the annihilator do the opposite of what its supposed to do

          • Trikay says:

            Well in those games the outcome is inevitable. If you have no chance to get the anni then you probably had no chance from the start.

            The anni is great when there are two even teams playing against each other and one of them has the advantage. An organized push and a mass gank and suddenly with the help of the anni you’re back in the game.

      • Trikay says:

        Salomdi pretty much summed it up. I wish I could play with you guys and invite some of my friends and we could show you how to really own in this game.

        Not as many secrets in this game compared to regular MNC but still. Just knowing very basic and easy map tactics could make a huge difference.

        • whap says:

          Just one quick question. Is there any talk of balance issues with Combat Girl? Every game I’ve seen her in if the person playing her is at least somewhat competent they will win.

          P.S. Dan wh6p is my twitter account, you were right!

          • Trikay says:

            Combat Girl can’t carry on her own. She’s an amazing pro tho, she’s like a striker, with less mobility and a heal gun. She might need a little bit of tweaking but I don’t see her as OP.

  12. Y2Ken says:

    Hooray! Podcast.



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