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KBMOD Podcast – Episode 43

To start us off this week, we get an exclusive peek into Scott’s daily life as he treats us to a rant about the California DMV. Once he’s calmed down a bit, we talk about our revamped apparel store and our Child’s Play charity gaming marathon that starts this Friday night! We cover a myriad of news topics this week, including the DayZ mod boosting ARMA II sales, Steam’s new remote downloading feature, theories on Bioshock Infinite’s release delay, Diablo III accounts getting hacked, and more! We have a riveting roundtable discussion this week as we tackle the heated issue of always-online requirements in single-player games. As always, we round out the cast with your best Twitter questions. Enjoy!

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16 Responses to KBMOD Podcast – Episode 43

  1. Crimson says:

    When you hit Inferno, D3 turns into a economy simulator named AH with the minigame called dungeon crawling. :P
    Seriously though, I’m glad the online trading features exist. Otherwise it would be impossible to progress, since gear is everything in D3.

  2. Zeetrex says:

    I used Gaikai on a friends laptop and played me3. His laptop is a 2.4ghz core duo and a mobile hd4800.

  3. Whyaim says:

    Wow, always on Drm is suddenly fine? Half the time I can’t play and another quarter it’s really laggy and I don’t dare start a hardcore character. It’s not because of blizzards servers, my own shitty connection is the problem. But I shouldn’t be blocked from the single player portion of the game for that. It would be SO EASY to make an option for an offline only character (also wtf it would be to complicated for new people??? who gives a shit?). But no. and you are comparing this to Steam? guess what !? Steam has an offline mode, yet it still can store saves on the cloud for when you are back online! Holy shit how fucking revolutionary. When I can’t play, the pirates are getting a superior version of the game, it doesn’t matter how much better the experience is online.

    • Whyaim says:

      Talking about D3 by the way. also If Blizzard doesn’t fix this shit I’ll probably also get the pirated version when it comes.

    • Dan Dan says:

      It does matter, a lot. And I will maintain forever that Diablo II should have only existed online. The game experience would have been better for everyone.

    • Dan Dan says:

      Also, it is not suddenly okay, we said we’d allr ather there was a 100% separate single player option. But if you even try to compare Battle.net to Ubisoft, you are so off base it is ridiculous.

      • Whyaim says:

        What? Did you even read my comment? I NEVER mentioned Ubisoft! And you’d rather have a game that you can’t play but has great online features than one you can with no online features? I said that it doesn’t matter how much better the experience is online WHEN I CAN’T PLAY IT!

  4. TheBrad says:

    Dan, you should really go back and try “Dungeon Siege 2” if you can manage to fit in time for another dungeon crawler/ARPG. Played through that game countless times, tons of fun and it was the first to have many of the “innovative features” that D3 has. It had a town portal spell, rotatable camera, and a whole bunch of stuff like that long before anyone else. It differs somewhat from the standard arpg in the sense that it allows you to control up to six characters at once, making the combat fairly complex and entertaining. Even with a game as polished as D3 is on the market, it holds up and wins out in some aspects, such as the looting, one of the fundamental aspects of a Dungeon Crawler. It’s a pretty lengthy game, probably twice as long as D3, so I doubt that you’ll actually give it a shot, but if you do, you won’t regret it.

  5. jeffw18 says:

    I found susie and it’s bad….real bad



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