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KBMOD Podcast – Episode 52

Episode 52 signals that we have reached a full year’s worth of podcasts. We weren’t even sure we’d make it through the first five, but sure enough, here we are! This week starts off discussing what we’ve been playing and the experiences we’ve had in the insanely popular Arma 2 mod, DayZ. The news covers a wide range of topics, such as Epic consideringan always-online requirement for Fortnite, AMD slashing their graphics card prices (again), Gamasutra’s list of top developers, Torchlight 2, The War Z emulating DayZ, the amazing Critical Path Project, and Assassin’s Creed focusing an entire dev team on DLC. Our roundtable discusses some of the major downsides of console development, and we finish up with your Twitter questions. Enjoy, and THANK YOU for 52 weeks of listening!

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8 Responses to KBMOD Podcast – Episode 52

  1. BigDaveisCheap says:

    When it comes to Phil Fish and Microsoft he signed a contract outlining what I understand to be a fairly standard deal. One free patch and 40k a pop after that.

    Microsoft is looking at XBLA games like a pressed disc game, it better be right on release and that’s that. Is that an antiquated view? Of course it is, but they control the platform and if you want to play on the “court” you play by their rules. Phil knew the rules, he agreed to the rules, and now once it burned him he’s complaining about the rules.

    I’d love to have another horror story to add to the “this is why Microsoft are ass hats” pile but this just isn’t one. Stupid policy is stupid, no doubt but what of the stupid person who agrees to said policy?

  2. JewCFroot says:

    who is this sarciel guy? there is no such thing. can I get a link?

  3. TaS says:

    What was that first song he played?



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